Radermachera Sinica care guide

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

Radermachera Sinica care guide

There are many reasons for the withered leaves and falling branches of Radermachera Sinica. How to deal with these situations? Here are some caring tips

Radermachera Sinica

How to care for Radermachera Sinica leaves withered

1. Damaged roots

For radermachera sinica leaves dry, the first thing we think of radermachera sinica roots are damaged, because the roots are most of the plants to absorb nutrients vital organs. Mostly on the outside, back roots may be damaged. It is best to root, cut off the roots rotted, fibrous root.

2. Watering

As Radermachera Sinica likes to grow in a high humidity environment, if the water is too little, the plants will not be able to grow and develop normally, resulting in the failure of effective photosynthesis of the leaves and yellow and dry phenomenon. It is best to keep the soil moist outside the pot. It is best to water the soil 2-3 times a day in the high temperature season, and it is best to spray the leaves frequently.

3.Soil quality

Potted Radermachera sinica had better choose transmission of fertile soil, good water permeability of the cultivation of the soil rich in organic matter. If the soil or germs can lead to improper plant root rot, causing blade can't absorb nutrition appear dry phenomenon, the general soil disinfection treatment again first, and then choose garden soil, leaf, organic fertilizer, river sand, in accordance with 3:2:1:1, the proportion of mixed preparation.

4. Light 

As Radermachera Sinica likes to grow in a sunny environment, the leaves will dry up and become soft if they are kept in a dark environment for a long time or lack light. It is better to keep the light for 6 hours a day. In a hot climate in summer, shade can be used properly, but not for a long time.

5. Fertilizer

When growing Radermachera Sinica, if too many times of fertilization or too large amount of fertilizer are applied, the roots will be burned, and the plants will not grow normally, which will cause the leaves to dry up. Generally, in the growing period of Radermachera Sinica, the water solution of rotted cake fertilizer will be added once a month, and an appropriate amount of water will be added.

6. Ventilation

As Radermachera Sinica likes to grow in a high temperature environment. If the temperature is too high and the air is dry due to poor ventilation and ventilation, the leaf will dry up. It is better to put it in an environment with strong air circulation, and then spray clean water on the leaf 2 to 3 times a day to increase the humidity of the surrounding air.

Radermachera Sinica

How to care for Radermachera Sinica leaves dropping

Radermachera Sinica can be treated from five aspects after dropping branches. If there is insufficient light, keep astigmatism for more than 5 hours to avoid sunburn by strong light. Water insufficient, we should water every 2 ~ 3 days, and avoid water rot root; If inappropriately fertilizing, we should apply rarefied fertilizer liquid once every 2 ~ 3 weeks to to avoid composting burning roots; If poor ventilation makes it difficult to breathe and grow normally, open the window to ventilate and keep the air flowing; Also do a good job of pest and disease treatment, so that their healthy growth.

1. Increase light

If you place the Radermachera Sinica in a dark place and it doesn't have enough sunlight to thrive, the Radermachera sinica will fall off. The Radermachera Sinica should be placed in a sunny position to receive astigmatism for more than 6 hours, so that its branches will grow healthily and will not lose branches. Attention should be paid to strong light and shade to avoid sunburn.

2. Keep hydrated

If Radermachera Sinica is not watered for a long time, it will lose its branches due to lack of water. Therefore, it is necessary to timely replenish water and spray Radermachera sinica once every 2 to 3 days to keep the growing environment moist. Be careful not to overwater the Radermachera Sinica when rehydrating, lest it fail to fully absorb the water and rot the roots, causing its branches to fall off.

3. Apply fertilizer frequently

How to deal with the Radermachera sinica branch loss caused by accumulation or lack of fertilizer during curing? For accumulation, the choice is to dilute it, or to replace the soil directly and replant Radermachera Sinica; Apply less fertilizer to thin fertilizer dormitory every 2 ~ 3 weeks, make it nutrient enough, then it can grow exuberant and no longer branches fall.

4. Increase ventilation

Do not keep the Radermachera Sinica in a poorly ventilated environment all the time. Too hot a space will cause the Radermachera Sinica to grow poorly, and the stale air will make it difficult to breathe normally, which will cause it to lose branches. Open the windows to allow air to circulate in the Radermachera Sinica growing space and keep the environment well ventilated.

5. Disease and pest control

In fact, Radermachera Sinica is also prone to poor growth and falling branches after being exposed to pests and diseases. It is important to cut off the diseased branches of Radermachera Sinica in a timely manner, and then spray the relevant insecticidal and sterilizing liquid to keep Radermachera Sinica away from the threat of scale insects and other diseases and insect pests and to grow healthily.

Radermachera Sinica