Propagation methods Platycentrum rex

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Propagation methods Platycentrum rex

Platycentrum Rex is one of the strangest foliage plants, with variously coloured markings and a remarkably enlarged leaf. How to propagate Platycentrum Rex? Generally, there are cutting and plant division two methods. Platycentrum Rex has a strong regeneration ability and is easy to survive from cutting, so leaf cutting is often used for propagation. The following are propagation methods of Platycentrum Rex and its caring tips.

Platycentrum Rex

Propagation method of Platycentrum Rex

As Platycentrum Rex grows to its fourth year, its growth weakens and the plants begin to age, so every four or five years it has to be replaced by some kind of propagation process to keep Platycentrum Rex alive every year.

1. Leaf insertion propagation methods of Platycentrum Rex

Healthy leaves were selected on the mother plant of Platycentrum Rex and the veins on the back of the leaves were cut with a sterilized knife 2 to 3 cm apart to stimulate the growth of adventitia and adventitia roots from the cuttings. Cuttage container is the best shallow basin, in the basin filled with wet over sand, and then put the leaf face up in the wet sand, and the petiole should be inserted into the sand.

Then cover the basin with a layer of glass to keep it wet. If the environment is suitable, the leaves will grow new roots and leaves in about 35 days. Then remove the covered glass and transplant the small leaves into the basin after they are spread out.

2. Plant division propagation methods of Platycentrum Rex

The propagation of dividing plants is usually carried out in combination with a spring potting process, in which the Platycentrum Rex's plants are removed from the potting soil, then the rootstock with terminal buds is cut separately, and the wound is then disinfected with grass ash before transplanting. Just when the plant should not be watered too much, first put in the semi-shade to restore, one to two weeks after the normal maintenance. Now that you know propagation methods of Platycentrum Rex, take a look at its maintenance tips.

Platycentrum Rex

How to care for Platycentrum Rex

1. Water properly

Platycentrum Rex is not resistant to drought, so it is necessary to keep the basin soil slightly wet at ordinary times and water more frequently. Two or three times a week is enough. If the temperature is too high, water once a day should be watered, but the amount of water should be reduced to avoid the root rot caused by the accumulation of water in the basin. In winter, water less once a week and spray the leaves every five days to keep them clean and moist.

2. The light is good

Platycentrum Rex is resistant to shade and light. If it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it will cause leaf burns. Therefore, it is ok to keep it indoors where sunlight scatters. In winter, when the light is weak, Platycentrum Rex can be placed indoors in a sunny place to fill in the light.

3. Control the temperature

The most suitable temperature for Platycentrum Rex is between 22 and 25℃. In summer, the growth will be extremely slow if the temperature exceeds 32℃. In winter, the plants may stop growing if the temperature falls below 10℃.

4. Apply fertilizer rationally

Platycentrum Rex is a foliage plant and uses nitrogen as the main fertilizer, but it is important to remember to apply thin fertilizer frequently to avoid excessive fertilizer and root burning. When fertilizing, we must not pour on the leaves, otherwise it will cause the leaves to be burned by the fertilizer. If not a small splash on the leaves, it is necessary to timely use water to wash the fertilizer.

Conclusion: After reading the above content, I believe you should know the two common propagation methods of Platycentrum Rex. Leaf insertion method is more suitable for domestic potted plants. It is simple and convenient, but the survival rate is low.

Platycentrum Rex