Platycentrum Rex profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Platycentrum Rex profile


Platycentrum Rex is a perennial herb leaf-viewing plant of the begonias family. Its leaves have brilliant rainbow stripes, brilliant but not common. In China, it is not dignified, extremely beautiful. Begonia is the most characteristic of the cultivated species, and is also an important shade pot plant. Its cultivation is more popular, deeply loved by people around the world. In Europe and the United States, some countries are particularly prevalent. Platycentrum Rex can be used as small and medium-sized potted plants, and can also be used as the chlorophytum type planting hanging in the living room, study or bedroom, or with other plants as a landscape box planting, used for interior decoration and beautification.

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Platycentrum Rex

Morphological characteristics of Platycentrum Rex

Platycentrum Rex is a perennial herb.No underground stem, underground rhizome supine growth. Leaf base, one oblique, dark green, with silvery white markings. Flowers are pale red, longer flowering.

Platycentrum Rex growth habit

Platycentrum Rex is born in shallow soil layers such as rock crevices which contain more humus. Platycentrum Rex likes warm, not cold, damp environments and moist soil should be appropriate, and we should avoid direct sunlight in summer.

Platycentrum Rex cultivation techniques

In order to meet the ecological requirements mentioned above, potted plants in the northern region can be placed on the north balcony or under the cordage or on the windowsill of the room facing the north from early May to early October, but ventilation should be paid attention to. In dry weather and summer, spray water several times a day to the ground around the flowerpot, humidify and cool down, to maintain a cool and humid environment, which is very important for its robust growth. High temperature drying is easy to cause poor growth and even death of plants. In the cultivation of Platycentrum Rex, do not spray unclean water on the leaves, otherwise it will easily cause disease spots and affect the observation. The growing season should not be overwatered to keep the soil moist basin appropriate. In the growing season, about every half a month nitrogen-based compound fertilizer or rarefied cake fertilizer water. When fertilizing, attention should be paid not to stain the leaves with fertilizer liquid. If there is fertilizer liquid on the leaves accidentally, spray and wash the leaves with water immediately to rinse the fertilizer liquid clean. In winter, move to the south-facing room toward the sun. Cover the room with plastic film at night to keep warm and keep wet. Spray and wash the leaves once every 5 days or so with water close to room temperature, so as to avoid dust or soot contamination of the leaves and keep the leaves fresh and gorgeous. The room temperature should be kept above 10℃ during the overwintering period. Stop fertilizing and control watering, and the overwintering can be done safely. Playcentrum Rex generally grows weaker after four years, so it is advisable to renew the plant every four to five years by leafing.

Platycentrum Rex

Platycentrum Rex propagation methods

Platycentrum Rex has large leaves with strong veins and strong regeneration ability. Cutting veins can stimulate it to produce adventitious buds and adventitious roots. Therefore, leaf insertion method can be used to reproduce flower seedlings. Use the shallow basin with a very big mouth surface to make a cutting container, wash clean hind load fry of pure face sand, give water method with basin bottom surface sand is soaked.

Select large and ripe leaves as material. Cut the veins on the back of the leaves with a sterilized blade. The blade is 2cm to 3cm apart and goes deep into the veins. Then place the leaf face up flat on the wet sand, insert the petiole into the wet sand, then press the leaf with a broken glass block, and finally cover the basin with glass, but not tightly. Callus were generated from the vein incision at 20 to 24℃ for 20 days, and young roots and leaves grew after 35 days, at which point the glass ventilation should be removed.

After lobules spread, cut off the main veins between the seedlings and separate the seedlings to the basin. After a month, apply some thin liquid fertilizer and the next year can blossom.

Platycentrum Rex