Propagation methods of Zebra- Plants

Written by Maggie

Sep 09 2021

Propagation methods of Zebra- Plants

Zebra- Plant is a plant native to tropical regions, such as Mexico, Brazil and other countries. Later, it was introduced into our country and was widely planted. However, there are some limitations to planting in different areas, such as temperature and other factors. If you're planning to plant one, learn how it propagates. Next, let's see the propagation methods of Zebra- Plants.

Zebra- Plants
Zebra Plant - Most Common House Plant

Cutting propagation method of Zebra- Plants

1. Time selection:

Cutting propagation of Zebra- Plants is preferably carried out after flowering, or during the May to June period.

2. Matrix selection:

Considering drainage properties, nutrient content, and air permeability, we can choose river sand or vermiculite.

3. Specific steps of propagating Zebra- Plants

After flowering, cut off the inflorescences at the same time, we can take the top of the flower with a piece of cut down, pay attention to cut down the flower branches not too long, five to ten centimeters. After that, we need to cut off the lower half of the leaves, and the upper half of the leaves can only be left half. And then, we insert them into the matrix that we've prepared. Ensure the temperature, humidity, ventilation and other conditions, about a month or so, we can observe it taking root. When their leaves come out, they're ready for transplantation.

4. Precautions for Zebra- Plants cutting propagation

When selecting cuttings, you can also select three or four segments of the segment. Also, if it is in the spring cutting, we can put it together with the report.

Zebra- Plants

Combination cultivation propagating Zebra- Plants

1. Choose materials:

To improve our chances of survival, we need to choose the most robust branches that are free of pests and diseases.

2. Specific methods:

First, hydroponics. Next, when waiting for a new branch to grow, we are about to take it out, soak it in alcohol for half a minute or so, undertake disinfection sterilization processing. Next, use sterilized scissors to cut off the base of the stem and place it on the medium for cultivation. After being cultured for a period of time, it is removed, disinfected and planted into the substrate. Make sure the surrounding humidity is adequate and take care not to get any sunlight. By doing so, you can keep the success rate at about 90 percent.

Zebra- Plants