Propagation methods of Prunus Cerasifera

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Propagation methods of Prunus Cerasifera

There are three main propagation methods of Prunus Cerasifera: layering, cutting and grafting. One of the more commonly used is the cuttage method. From the healthy mother plant, select 3-5 shoots to cut off, inserted into the fine soft, well-drained culture matrix, timely replenishment.It will take root soon.

Prunus Cerasifera

Propagation method of Prunus Cerasifera: budding grafting

Choose the right rootstock, such as Prunus Cerasifera or peach, mountain peach, hairy peach, apricot, mountain apricot, plum, plum, etc. In contrast, the anvil grows vigorously, and the leaves are purplish-green, but they are afraid of floods. Apricot and plum life long, but also more afraid of waterlogging; As rootstock, Lee is more waterlogged. Apricot, peach and mountain peach are the most common rootstock in North China.

Graft rootstock generally chooses two years of seedlings. It is best to do rootstock culture, grafting should be first short, only to retain the ground on the 5 to 7 cm of the tree stump, in late June, in the selection of good scion of the branches set a good bud, bud should be full, no dry tip and pests.

With sterile knife in bud below 2 centimeters above 30 degrees to the oblique cut xylem, until 1 cm above the bud, then shoots a place of 1 cm above the horizontal cut a knife, the bud gently to remove, to 3 cm off the ground in the root stock, notch cut in the bark of a "T" word, and let the stock bud together, and then to tie up with plastic belt. The bud 7 days or so did not wilt, indicating that it has survived, about 25 days can be removed from the plastic belt.

Propagation method of Prunus Cerasifera: Cuttage method

1. Prepare for cuttings

Late autumn from the robust tree pruning of no disease and insect pests that year, also can be combined with plastic pruning will be cut off the bud full, robust, no disease and insect damage of the branch shear for 10 to 12 cm branch segment for cutting, 3 to 5 buds had better.

2. Nursery site selection and rectification

Nursery sites should be selected for irrigation and transportation facilities, soil layer requirements for fertile, loose, deep sandy loam. Fertilize and disinfect the soil before preparation. Then carry out deep ploughing, fine harrow, level the land, then remove weeds, waste agricultural film and other sundry, do check.

Prunus Cerasifera

3. Cutting time

From late November to mid-December.

4. Cutting method

Cut a smooth slant under the cuttings near the buds and insert the slant downward into the soil. After cutting, water and irrigation are poured immediately, when the land is slightly dry, double layer of mulch can be used to cover heat preservation .At the same time, in order to keep the heat, it is necessary to build a 1-meter-high plastic vault on the ridge surface to wait for Prunus Cerasifera to sprout.

Propagation method of Prunus Cerasifera: high altitude layering method

1.Branch choice

Branch should choose tree potential that is stronger, the plant that does not have pests and disease, the diameter of the branch is 1~2 centimeters normally, with 2~4 years to give birth to the branch.

2. Layering operation

Layering in spring in mid-april to mid-may, choose suitable on layering the part with a grafting knife strokes two nicks, distance of about 1.5 cm, then Nick ring peeling of the skin between, immediately after girdling on plastic bags, and die in the lower part next notch tied plastic bags, then put the silty loam mud into the bag, knead into a ball, wrapped in mud ball need to peel the loop, and make it in the central mud ball, plastic bags will be flowing is dead.

3. Late management

When the plastic bag is sealed, it should always check whether the mud ball is hard and dry. The soft soil ball indicates that the dressing effect is good and the soil moisture content is high. After about 45 days, the wound healed and began to take root. In late autumn, the layering was cut at the lower part of the clay ball for transplanting. If the earth ball is dry and hard, which means the bag is leaking air, fill it with water immediately with a syringe, and then put another plastic bag over the bag.

Prunus Cerasifera