Propagation methods of Podocarpus Brevifolius

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

Propagation methods of Podocarpus Brevifolius

Generally speaking, the propagation methods of Podocarpus Brevifolius are mainly sowing and cutting. For the common flower friends, the cutting propagation of the pine is more convenient. Of course, the layering propagation method can also be used, in which the flower friends choose the one suitable for themselves. Here are the propagation methods of Podocarpus Brevifolius.

Podocarpus Brevifolius

1. Sowing propagation methods of Podocarpus Brevifolius

Robone-like red and purple seeds are seen in brevifolius female plants from September to October, the fleshy seed trays in which brevifolius is brevifolius should be shriveled and nearly dried until the seeds are fully mature. In addition, the seeds that fall to the ground tend to be large and ripe, with higher survival and germination rates, and can be picked up for planting.

Since the genus Podocarpus Brevifolius is a cotyledon plant, the brevifolius holds a depth of only 2 cm. Two seeds per acupuncture point should be enough. After sowing, cover 1 ~ 2 cm fine soil, and then gently compaction of the sewing place. Then cover the surface with straw, rice husks and so on. After sowing, water it thoroughly, then water it every 3-5 days, generally 3-5 weeks can sprout.

2. Cutting propagation methods of Podocarpus Brevifolius

Cutting propagation methods of Podocarpus Brevifolius shall take place after the end of Heat period in autumn. Take 3-year healthy branches with oblique cuttings, about 15 to 18 cm in length, the lower leaves of the branches with cuttings from its petiole, the arranged branches immersed in 30 to 32℃ warm water for an hour, half an hour to change the water. The purpose is to make part of the resin dissolved, to facilitate rooting. Then soak it in 5% white sugar for 24 hours, allowing it to absorb some nutrients. After this treatment, the plants were inserted into the soft loam at a distance of 5 inches and 7 inches between the rows, and the soil was pressed down gently and watered thoroughly.

In peacetime management, pay attention to keep the soil moist seedbed, survival rate of more than 60%. If the plant root powder solution treatment, the survival rate is about 90%.

Podocarpus Brevifolius

3. Layering propagation methods of Podocarpus Brevifolius

The layering propagation methods of Podocarpus Brevifolius is advisable to take place before or after the spring Awakening of Insects (i.e., the first half of March). Utilization of dwarf Podocarpus brevifolius ball, select a slightly smaller branches, close to the ground than chopsticks at its base, by the side of the ground, with a knife crosswise 1/2 branches, with the prepared one inch long bamboo, horizontal inserted in the incisions, and beside a stick for the branches, with plastic belt gently tie is good, then cover dirt on the incision, compaction, gently cover the hay to keep moist. After 3 months, the branches will take root in the incisions. After the autumnal equinox solar terms with a pruning from the base of the branches cut transplanting.

Podocarpus Brevifolius