Podocarpus brevifolius profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

Podocarpus brevifolius profile

Podocarpus Brevifolius is distributed in many provinces and regions of China, cultivated in gardens as ornamental trees. Few trees are left in the wild. It's also distributed in Japan. The material is meticulous and even, easy to process. Podocarpus Brevifolius can be used for furniture, utensils, stationery and farm tools, etc.

Podocarpus Brevifolius picture

Podocarpus Brevifolius

Morphological characteristics of Podocarpus Brevifolius

Podocarpus Brevifolius is a small evergreen coniferous tree, often shrubby in shape. Old dry dark brown to dark brown, the outer skin is longitudinal strip peeling, flake off, branch tip is short and soft, grayish green, poor branching force. Leaves are arranged in spiral clusters, single leaves short banded lanceolate, apex obtuse, base rounded or cuneate, leathery, thick green, midrib distinct, petiole very short. Male flowers are spicate, female flowers globose solitary in leaf axils, flowering in May. The seed shape is peculiar, the flower receptacle does not fall off, adhere to the seed below. The seeds are broadly ovoid or globose, appearing purple or purplish red on the fleshy seed coat when ripe,

Podocarpus Brevifolius gowing environment

Podocarpus Brevifolius is semi-shade tolerant, prefer warm and humid climate, not cold resistant, distributed in China's Guangxi Jinxiu, Southern Guangdong and Hainan Qiongzhong (Wuzhishan), Baisha (Limuling), Baoting (Lingshui) and other places 700-1200 meters above sea level mountain, southeast Yunnan (Lilipo, Xizhou, etc.) 1000-2000 meters above sea level zone. They are also found in the Philippines and Indonesia. Podocarpus Brevifolius prefers shade wet environments, often scattered in evergreen broad-leaved trees or in alpine forests, or between rock cracks. 

Podocarpus Brevifolius distribution range

Podocarpus Brevifolius is distributed in subtropical evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved forest (major cities: Wuhan, Shashi, Yellowstone, Yichang, Nanchang, etc..)

Podocarpus Brevifolius also distributed in South Tropical evergreen broad-leaved forest (major cities: Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shunde, Dongguan, Huizhou, Shantou, Taipei, Liuzhou, Guiping, Gejiu).

Podocarpus Brevifolius

The main value of Podocarpus Brevifolius

Folding wood value

The Podocarpus Brevifolius tree is an elegant, lush, green plant that brevifolius plant, suitable for both planting and potted plants, is an excellent ornamental plant for families to plant flowers, and a fine material to work on bonsai plants. Potted plants can be leaved or peat soil with a quarter of the river sand, and mixed with a small amount of bone powder as a base fertilizer. When the outdoor temperature is stable at about 10℃, move to the outdoor south-facing balcony or courtyard where the wind is towards the sun for maintenance, and move to the shady place after summer, so as to keep the basin moist often and prevent drought and waterlogged. Podocarpus Brevifolius does not require thick fertilizing, but instead applies thin liquid fertilizer, mainly nitrogen, two to three times each during spring and autumn. For formed plants, pay attention to the core and trim, often short cut protruding branch tip, so as to make the crown layered. Pruning time is generally appropriate in the spring and autumn growing season, the end of autumn when the temperature drops to 5℃ into the room. After entering the room, prohibit fertilizer control water, the room temperature should be kept at 7℃ or so, the room temperature is too high is not conducive to the next year's growth. Generally every 1 year to 2 years turn over the basin for soil once, for the basin appropriate in the spring and autumn, for the basin when appropriate to eliminate the aging decaying root. At the same time, trim too close branches, often keep plant appearance symmetrical and perfect. The wood structure is fine, uniform, straight texture, high strength, specific gravity, 0.63-0.73, easy to process, dry without cracking. It can be used for furniture, utensils, vehicles, farm tools and so on. 

Folding horticultural value

It can be used as planting for horticulture (fine bonsai making materials, the first choice for making miniature pot shadow), excellent wood for construction and carving, edible holder for planting. Podocarpus Brevifolius is a small tree or shrubby shape, short and dense leaves, branches and leaves whirling, Canggu jiao Jian, moving posture. The growing season germination shoots, their tender green leaves dotted between the thick green foliage. Very beautiful, it is a kind of fine bonsai making material, especially to make miniature basin shadow is the first choice object.

Podocarpus Brevifolius