Propagation methods of Candyleaf

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Propagation methods of Candyleaf

Candyleaf is a plant known to flower lovers, which is not only for viewing indoors but also for drinking water from its leaves on a daily basis. It tastes good and can cure diseases and reduce weight. So it's a shame to have one pot, and to have more requires buying or propagating. So how does Candyleaf propagate? Here's a look at propagation methods of Candyleaf.


Cutting propagation methods of Candyleaf

1. Cutting time

Candyleaf prefers a warm environment, so cutting is best done in spring or fall. The specific time is generally from March 20 to the end of April in spring, and autumn is from early September to the beginning of winter, when the cuttage survival rate is higher.

2. Choice of slotting machine

For easy rooting of candyleaf cuttings, the soil should be fertile, well-drained and aerated sandy loam. Disinfect the soil when it is ready, in order to kill the pests buried in the ground, and then water the soil appropriately before waiting for cuttings.

3. Selection of cuttings

The selection of cuttings is particularly important in the whole Candyleaf cutting propagation. From the Candyleaf potted plants, select healthy branches and lateral stems, and select 15-20 cm long segments for cuttings.

4. Cutting method

Insert the cuttings into the bed at a depth of 1/3-L /2 of the cuttings. After inserting, mix the carbapenem with water and pour it thoroughly. If it is sunny, cover the shade net before 8:00.Generally speaking, there is no need to open the sunshade net four days after insertion, and gradually increase the illumination time from the fifth day. This will take root in about 10 days, after which there will be no need for shading.


Sowing propagation method of Candyleaf

Candyleaf gets its seeds when it blooms, so how does Candyleaf propagate? You can also choose the seeding method. Sowing time north and south has different, among them south had better be October - November is sown, the word of north, use greenhouse or hotbed to sow to raise seedlings commonly. In order to ensure that the seed spreads evenly, before sowing, you can mix the fine sand and seeds, rub with your hands after sowing.

Seeding method: After Candyleaf was planted, gently press the seeds with a wooden board to make them contact with the soil. Then spray water on the bed surface once with a sprayer to keep the bed moist and improve the emergence rate. When the temperature is right, it will germinate and come out in 7 to 10 days. After it has been transplanted into a pot, maintain the same Candyleaf culture and you will soon have a new Candyleaf pot.

In general, propagating Candyleaf is not difficult. Both cuttings and seeds can survive, but it is best for novice operators and for cuttings. Of course, you can choose these two propagation methods of  Candyleaf according to the time situation.