How to Propagate Brazilian Jasmine from Cuttings

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

How to Propagate Brazilian Jasmine from Cuttings

Although the adaptability of Brazilian jasmine is very strong and its growth environment is not harsh, scientific methods are needed to make it propagate successfully. So how can Brazilian jasmine propagate best? Cutting propagation is a widely used method, which can be used for propagating in spring, summer and autumn. Here we will introduce the Brazilian Jasmine propagation from cuttings in detail.

Brazilian jasmine

1. Brazilian Jasmine Propagation Time

Brazilian jasmine needs to grow in the temperature under the condition of not less than 10 degrees, so when propagating brazilian jasmine from cutting, temperature should not be more low, otherwise it is not fit for the new roots and branches to grow, and the most suitable propagation time is in late spring, summer. We can also propagate Brazilian jasmine in autumn, because the temperature is moderate and this season.

2. Choose branches to propagate Brazilian jasmine

In order to make the newly cutting propagated Brazilian jasmine grow better, the choice of branches is also exquisite. It is best to choose the semi-lignified branches that grow in the same year, the length of which is about 20cm. When the branches selected after it should be placed in the humidity of the appropriate bag to preserve, you can use a wet cloth or toilet paper to cover its wounds.

3. Cleaning basin and utensils for propagating Brazilian jasmine

Many people who care about the cutting propagation of Brazilian jasmine often ignore this step. In fact, it is also very important. Clean the cuttings and pots or utensils, which can clear and clean the residual substances, and it is beneficial for the growth of new Brazilian jasmine.

4. Choose a good substrate for propagating Brazilian jasmine

The following points should be noted in selecting the substrate for Brazilian jasmine cutting propagation: good air permeability and moderate humidity. Perlite and peat are good choices. They can be sprayed wet for later use. However, it should be noted that the humidity should be moderate, not particularly wet.

Brazilian jasmine

5. Apply cutting propagation of Brazilian jasmine

Once everything is in place, a key step in the Brazilian Jasmine method of propagation is cutting. Take the selected branches out of the plastic bag, cut off the undersides of the leaves, and glue some root powder on the bottom. Insert the branches into the substrate so that the leaves do not touch the edges.

6. Put in the bag

After cutting, the whole propagation process is not over, but should be covered with a bag, and then placed in a place of about 20 degrees. It is necessary to pay attention that the bag should be opened twice a day, check the water content inside. If it is relatively dry you should spray some water.

7. Transplanting Brazilian jasmine

Usually, the cuttings will grow a new root in two weeks. If you want to transplant it elsewhere, you should wait until the root length is more than 8CM. If you do not need to transplant, you can follow the natural planting method.

8. Care for propagating Brazilian jasmine from cuttings

The most suitable growth temperature of Brazilian Jasmine is 20-31℃, and it is most suitable in spring. It can not be cultivated below 10℃, so as not to cause freezing damage. Brazilian Jasmine has a strong adaptability to soil, especially the sandy soil rich in humus. 

Knowing so much, would you like to propagate Brazilian Jasmine from cuttings by yourself? It not only smells fragrant at home, but also has great ornamental value. Remember not to miss its flowering season!

Brazilian jasmine