Propagation methods of Bambusa Multiplex

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

Propagation methods of Bambusa Multiplex

Propagation methods of Bambusa multiplex are mainly division, cutting, and sowing. The following are details of these three propagation methods of Bambusa multiplex.

Bambusa Multiplex

Propagation method of Bambusa Multiplex

1.Division propagation methods of Bambusa multiplex

Plant division is one of the propagation methods of Bambusa Multiplex. The main method is to take the over-densely grown mother plants out of the pot and cut the root stem with a knife. During this period, the root system should not be harmed.

2. Cutting propagation methods of Bambusa multiplex

When bambusa multiplex was used for cutting, it mainly took annual and robust full-grown branches as cuttings and cut them into 2 ~ 3 branches. After removing part of the leaves, only 1 ~ 2 leaves were needed on each branch. It was inserted into the sand bed, watered and protected frequently, and rooted for about a month.

Bambusa Multiplex

3. Seeds propagation methods of Bambusa multiplex

Bambusa Multiplex can also be propagated by seeds, but the germination rate is relatively low. Generally, the seeds are soaked in warm water for about 1 to 2 days, so that the epidermis of the seeds will absorb water and expand, and the seeds are directly scattered into the loose and wet sand bed. After the seeds grow true leaves, they can be transplanted.

4. Tips for propagating Bambusa Multiplex

Bambusa Multiplex likes to grow in a warm climate, and it should be carried out at a reasonable time for propagation. The sowing method is mainly carried out in April to May in spring, and the plant splitting method is mainly carried out in February to March, which is usually combined with the time of changing basins, which is also a period with a high survival rate.

Bambusa Multiplex