Propagation methods of Anthurium crystallinum

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

Propagation methods of Anthurium crystallinum

As a common ornamental plant, Anthurium crystallinum is beloved. Many people have a pot of Anthurium crystallinum at home. Some people have farmed Anthurium crystallinum on a large scale, but the wrong way of propagation can affect the Anthurium crystallinum. Now, let's learn the propagation methods of Anthurium crystallinum.

Anthurium crystallinum

Cutting propagation of Anthurium crystallinum

Cutting is one of the propagation methods of Anthurium crystallinum. During the growth period, branches with one or two stem nodes are selected as cuttings. The base of the cuttings should be cut off and cut into a smooth oblique shape, and then inserted directly into the water moss with moist water at a controlled temperature of 20-25 ℃.

Division propagation of Anthurium crystallinum

Division propagation method of Anthurium crystallinum is suitable for the cooler and wetter spring when you are ready to change the pot and can also be done in the autumn when the weather is cool. Care must be taken not to plant in the summer when it is too hot or in the winter when it is particularly cold and dry. Always bear in mind that the mother plant must not be hurt when dividing. Large, weak, and tight side buds can not be divided. Choose lateral buds that are easily separated from the parent plant, and those that are relatively robust or that have at least two or more major roots. Then use the hand evenly force to separate the side bud and the mother plant, if the hand is not good, then use a sharp knife in the eye in addition to cut, knife to prior disinfection can be used Oh. After the incision, the lateral bud should be placed in a cool place after the wound is slightly dry, so as to promote the recovery and growth of the wound. The root system must be spread out and the plant must be upright for support. Don't water them right after planting. Spray the leaves to keep them moist. Fertilizing and watering can be done after about two days.

Anthurium crystallinum

Sowing propagation of Anthurium crystallinum

The sowing propagation method of Anthurium crystallinum is generally used in its propagation is also the most convenient method of propagation. Its advantages are very simple and convenient, low cost, easy to implement, but its propagation rate is relatively slow. When sowing Anthurium Crystallinum, full and large seeds can be selected during the ripeness season, controlled to germinate at an appropriate temperature of 15 to 28℃, directly buried in the prepared soil, sprayed with water daily to moisturize, but not water, and germinated in about 20 to 25 days, with seedlings growing for about 3 to 4 years before flowering.

Tissue culture propagation of Anthurium crystallinum

The stem tips, young leaves and petioles of anthurium crystallinum were used as explants for tissue culture. The explants should be washed with clean water and sterilized. They should be dried and placed in a thin medium for induction and germination promotion. A few days after inoculation, proper shading should be carried out, the temperature should be controlled at about 25℃, and air roots will grow after 7-10 days of culture on the rooting medium.

Anthurium crystallinum

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