Anthurium crystallinum profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Anthurium crystallinum profile

Anthurium crystallinum has oval-shaped leaves, fresh and elegant leaves, and high ornamental value. It is a fine plant for indoor leaf viewing. Anthurium crystallinum is use to decorate a room, double feel elegant and lovely. Place in the sitting room, study, and leisure to appreciate, thought-provoking.

Anthurium crystallinum picture

Anthurium crystallinum

Morphological characteristics of Anthurium crystallinum

It is a perennial evergreen Flower with a plant height of 30~5Ocm and a short stem. Leaf-blade is leathery, ovum elliptic to oblong-lanceolate, entire margin, stalk short. Flame bracts are broadly ovoid, long ca. The locum is deep red, waxy, lustrous. Cultivated varieties are pink, red, yellow, green, and red on the bottom, red on the bottom of the white spot, etc. Spiny spikelets are twisted. There are about 200 species of plants in the same genus, about 20 species of ornamental value, and a large number of hybrid species. Rare cultivation includes Aandreanum (the plant is longer and straighter than Aandreanum). Plant height is 40~5Ocm leaves oval-shaped to arrow shape, Buddha spathe flat, oval-shaped, up to 13cm long fleshy spikelet cylindrically erect. This species is mostly used for cut flowers. Its cultivars are divided by flower size, color, morphology, and color of spikelet inflorescences. As bright red: Glorious (Gland is Alexia (Alexia with spikelet apex green Mauricia (Mauricia red flowers about Margaretha spikelet red. Tripping red such as Rosetta (green at the tip) and Lydia (fleshy red at the tip). Anthurium crystallinum (Acrystaliinum) is 50~6Ocm high, with heart-shaped or broad ovum leaves, silvery-white veins, and green flame sprites. Fleshy spike inflorescences long and slender yellow-green. Anthurium crystallinum (Awarocgueanum) stem is green, long elliptic leaves, as long as lm wide 25cm, dark green color, velvety luster, white veins prominent, Buddha flame bract with green, mainly to view the leaves. 

Distribution and Habits of Anthurium crystallinum

Anthurium crystallinum is native to the rain forests of tropical America. Anthurium crystallinum loves warm, moist and semi-cloudy environments. The optimum temperature is 20~25C in winter, not less than 15%.C requires higher air humidity, the soil should be fertile and loose, drainage is good. Natural pollination is not good, artificial pollination must be carried out to harvest and reproduce or crossbreeding.

Anthurium crystallinum

Propagation and cultivation of Anthurium crystallinum

The main methods of propagation are dividing, cutting, harvesting and tissue culture. Planting combined with spring repot, will have the air root lateral branches cut off the plant to form a single plant, the sub-plant kept at least 3~4 leaves, cutting propagation is the old branches cut off, to remove the leaves, every 1 to 2 sections for cuttings, inserted in 25~35%26 ";C slotting machine, after a few weeks can be germination roots. After artificially pollinated seeds are immature, they are harvested immediately and germinated after two weeks at a temperature of 25~30C. Tissue culture is used for the mass development of flower candle. Cultivation soil should be used leaf rot soil, moss Xue plus a small amount of Garden soil and charcoal, calcium superphosphate and other materials to match the mixture of the substrate, pot bottom tiles, such as conducive to permeability. In growing season every 15~20 days of liquid fertilizer, watering should be dry and wet, not waterlogging, conducive to flowering, to prevent root rot. Anthurium crystallinum is cold, winter greenhouse to keep above 16C, winter is too cold, wet should cause root rot. Therefore, we should control the temperature and water. Anthurium crystallinum like shade, afraid of strong light insolation, spring, summer, autumn three appropriate shade, winter into the indoor, and do not need to shade. To adhere to the air humidity, every day to the foliar water 2~3 times, water to the ground.

Anthurium crystallinum ornamental value

Potted plants for balcony, windowsill, bedroom, study or living room and other places placed for viewing; The garden can be planted in the shaded water bank to enjoy.

Anthurium crystallinum