Japanese camellia caring tips

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

Japanese camellia caring tips

The Spring Festival is supposed to be the busiest time of the year for all of us. At this time, many families will buy some flowers to display in their homes in order to add the festive atmosphere. Many people choose Japanese camellia. But we need to take care of Japanese camellia during this time. Here are Japanese camellia caring tips for you.

Japanese camellia

Japanese camellia caring tips of leaves falling

The phenomenon of japanese camellia leaves falling from the trees there, may be the root rot, we need to timely take root in the soil. If long-term lack of light also can appear off the phenomenon of leaf, by increasing the illumination time can ease off the phenomenon. In the winter growing temperature is lower than 0 ℃, it will appear off the phenomenon of leaf, and we need to be in a warm environment of aquaculture. The following are Japanese camellia caring tips of leaves falling.

1. Root rot

The japanese camellia tree loses its leaves during cultivation. If it is not watered properly and the soil is not loose enough, it will root up. The rotten roots need to be pruned away to keep the roots intact, and the soil needs to be disinfected with disinfectant after being placed in the pot.

2. Light

Japanese Camellia is a light-loving plant. Usually, it will lose its leaves in an indoor environment due to lack of light for a long time. At this time, it needs to be moved into an astigmatism environment timely and increase the time of light properly so as to improve the phenomenon.

3. The temperature 

When the temperature is below 5℃, the plant will stop growing, and when the temperature is below 0℃, frostbite will occur. At this time, the plant should be moved to a warm environment, and the indoor temperature should be kept at about 20℃.

4. Ventilation

Poor ventilation can also cause leaf loss. In indoor cultivation, the air quality is poor, so it is easy for leaves to fall buds. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a good ventilation environment when cultivating the Japanese Camellia tree, and if the temperature is right, it is better to move the tree outside.

Japanese camellia

Japanese camellia caring tips of leaves rolling down

Japanese camellia leaves appear in the phenomenon of rolling dow, may be caused by low light, and we need to ensure that six hours of sunlight per day, and if it is loose soil permeability ability is poor, we need to replace loose humus soil. Watering undeserved also can appear leaf rolling down, and we need according to the principle of see dry wet water. In summer it cannot give light, but wet cool and maintenance. The following are Japanese camellia caring tips of leaves rolling down.

1. Sufficient light

Japanese Camellia likes to grow in plenty of light and does not like dark or too dark. If you have been in a dark environment for a long time, the Japanese Camellia leaf will roll down. You need to move it into a well-lit environment and give it six hours of astigmatism, and the leaf will come back to life.

2. Stuffy root

Japanese camellia plants can be very difficult to grow in a Japanese camellia if the soil is not breathable. It is necessary to replace the soil in a timely manner and choose loose humus or sandy soil with high drainage capacity. After a period of time, the leaves of the plants will return to normal.

3. Proper watering

Japanese camellia can also be curled-up if not watered properly. Too much watering can rot the roots. Too little watering can lead to water shortage.

4. Light

In Japanese Camellia cultivation in summer, if the temperature is too low and the light is too strong, the water in the leaves will be lost. At this time, the temperature should be lowered timely. In the case of strong light, the leaves can be moved to a backlit environment, and the water can be sprayed on the leaves to improve the humidity.

Japanese camellia