How to grow and care for Japanese camellia

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

How to grow and care for Japanese camellia

Growing Japanese Camellia needs to provide acid soil, temperature between 18 ℃ and 25℃, sufficient light, water every 2 ~ 3 days in spring and autumn, fertilize 2 ~ 3 times per month in the growing period, and trim the buds properly. After mastering how to grow and care for Japanese Camellia, I believe you can also cultivate beautiful Japanese Camellia!

Japanese camellia

How to grow Japanese camellia

1. Micro acid soil

Japanese Camellia is best cultivated in a slightly acidic soil, with a PH between 5 and 6.5. Family potted plants can be prepared with mountain soil: sawdust: phosphate powder in a ratio of 5:4:1. Disinfect the pot before putting it in.

2. Temperature and illumination

Japanese Camellia grow at a temperature between 18 and 25℃, above 30℃ will stop growing, and above 35℃ will burn the leaves, so overheat in summer should shade and cool. At the same time, give enough light, in addition to the summer, the other seasons can accept direct sunlight.

3. Watering method

Japanese Camellia will grow better in a moist environment. Water it every two or three days in spring and autumn, every day in summer, once a week in winter, and spray water around it if the air is too dry.

4. Apply fertilizer rationally

During the growth of Japanese Camellia, we need to add a lot of fertilizer. Fertilize japanese camellia 2 ~ 3 times per month, use thin cake and fertilizer water. If there is no cake and fertilizer water, it is also ok to buy flower special fertilizer.

5. Current bud trim

During growing Japanese camellia, if you find that the buds are too dense, trim them to remove the weak and weak buds so that other healthy plants can grow better.

Japanese camellia

How to care for Japanese camellia

When growing a Japanese camellia plant, be careful not to put too much soil in the pot. Otherwise, you may water the plant half way, which will prevent the root system from absorbing water, which is very bad for the plant's growth. The following are details of how to care for Japanese camellia.


Ventilate Japanese Camellia often during summer thunderstorms by opening doors and windows or moving it outside to ventilate your hair. Otherwise, Japanese Camellia will develop pests and diseases if it is stuffy and stuffy.

2. Trim the buds

Cultivate Japanese camellia by pruning the buds in a timely fashion, cutting off the diseased and weak branches of the plant when the buds are very dense, and combing the buds to keep only the strong ones for better flowering.

3. Pest and disease control

When growing Japanese Camellia, we should also pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests. We should spray thyme and other disinfectant solutions in time to prevent the breeding of bacteria, and eliminate the pests on Japanese Camellia in time, so that Japanese Camellia can grow healthily and healthily.

Japanese camellia