How to take care of Radermachera

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

How to take care of Radermachera

Radermachera Sinica is loved by many flower lovers. But most of our friends who grow Radermachera Sinica have this worry: what if the Radermachera Sinica is too tall? Why do the Radermachera leaves fall? Here are some solutions to these problems.

Radermachera Sinica

How to take care of Radermachera Sinica growing too tall

I. Pick the heart

Picking means to remove the top buds of the radermachera Sinica, so that nutrients can be concentrated, and the radermachera sinica can spread around and branch, sprout and draw branches, so as to ensure healthy and strong branches and leaves, rather than just growing up. The Radermachera Sinica plant is a beautiful, rounded plant that doesn't look too thin.

The top part of the Radermachera Sinica needs to be removed to ensure that it is not too tall to affect the indoor planting. Then pay attention to the application of carbendazim in the wound for disinfection, do not touch water, otherwise it will be infected with bacteria, not easy to recover.

3. Thinning

When shearing the Radermachera Sinica, be careful to follow the Angle of the branches to control the density. Do not be softhearted when pruning, cut off leaves, flowers, and buds growing bad or too dense. Convenient new branch buds and assure nutrition is sufficient. This can also improve ventilation and maintain a good indoor environment.

Radermachera Sinica

How to care for Radermachera leaves falling

A lot of people who have a good Radermachera sinica and they start to lose their leaves, and they find that the Radermachera Sinica leaves curl up. What happened to the Radermachera Sinica? There are several reasons why the Radermachera sinica lost its leaves, and we have to figure out why the Radermachera Sinica lost its leaves, and then we can do something about it, and we can figure out how the Radermachera Sinica lost its leaves.

1. Temperature

Generally, Radermachera sinica, which has just been bought into the pot, can be brought home with old fallen leaves. On the one hand, it has not fully adapted to the new environment; on the other hand, it is related to low temperature, which leads to cold damage of plants and a large number of fallen leaves.

Treatment: When the hot summer, try to control the temperature under 27℃. When the ambient temperature is very high, appropriate shelter should be used. Increase the humidity of the environment, thus increasing the humidity of the leaves. When in the winter, the temperature must not be less than 8 degrees, the humidity must not be less than 5 degrees, otherwise below this temperature will be frostbite.

2. Water

The Radermachera Sinica leaf loss may be related to watering, because the root system of the plant will be damaged to a certain extent if the soil is too dry. At this time, a large amount of water will be poured into the plant, which will cause the original damaged root system to suffocate and prevent respiration. The root system will be further damaged, which will affect absorption and cause a large amount of leaves.

How to fix it: How to save the Radermachera Sinica leaf loss? In the summer, the potted Radermachera Sinica should be watered once every three to four days, but it depends on the individual. In winter, the Radermachera Sinica almost stops growing in the north room, and watering should be restricted to the soil. If you don't, you can't pour a drop of water into the pot.This is the principle, please remember!

3. Light

Radermachera Sinica is a kind of plant that likes sunshine and is shade tolerant, which is very important in terms of light. Radermachera Sinica likes to grow in a semi-shade environment. In the north, we normally keep it indoors, so there is no problem of direct sunlight. However, I am afraid of putting it in a dark place for a long time, where direct light and scattered light can not shine, when a long time, the leaves will be sure to fall.

What to do: When the weather is good, always move the Radermachera Sinica to a sunny place to soak up the sun, especially family plants. During the winter, put the Radermachera Sinica on a high spot in front of a window or balcony to get more light.

4. Ventilation

A lot of Radermachera Sinica starts to lose its leaves because you've been at home for so long, you've been in a constant environment with no fresh air flow, and that's not going to work, because even the best plants become dead, and they start to lose their leaves.

What to do: How to save Radermachera Sinica leaf loss due to poor ventilation? Often open windows for ventilation when the outdoor temperature is high. It should be better in about two weeks. Radermachera Sinica's recovery is not going to be quick. Pay attention to the frequent ventilation rooms,

5. Soil

The effect of soil on Radermachera Sinica leaf loss is also a direct cause, because the root system will be damaged to a certain extent if the soil is too dry, which is not good for the growth and development of the whole plant.

Processing methods: In the growth of Radermachera sinica, soil is just as important. Choose loose ventilation, drainage and performance is good and nutritious soil, usually use garden soil, leaf soil: rotten organic fertilizer: river sand = 5:3:1:1 ratio of mixture, adhere to a month in the growing season on a vehicle, ensure its roots always appear in good condition. If any water is found in the basin, remove it as soon as possible, and turn the basin to change the soil after collecting the soil, so as to keep the Radermachera Sinica growing better.

6. Fertilization

A lot of flower friends did not master the correct method of fertilizing, fertilizing too much had better change basin, also can flush rinse soil with water, wash off too much fertilizer. In the absence of fertilizers, plant growth requires a variety of inorganic salts, of which nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the most abundant. Lack of nitrogen will make plants grow thin, yellow leaves, grow short; Plant phosphorus deficiency will make the leaves become dark green, purple, small leaves; Plant potassium deficiency will make the edge or tip of the leaf brown, yellow leaves, the edge of the leaf scorch.You can apply some compound fertilizer (no more!).

What to do: How to save Radermachera Sinica leaves from fertilization? At this time, correct and reasonable fertilization should be conducted. The potted Radermachera Sinica requires adding an appropriate amount of spoiled cake fertilizer and 3 {bf} of multiple compound fertilizer into the cultivated soil, and giving topdressing continuously. The growing season can be irrigated once a month quick effect liquid fertilizer, usually available stale cake fertilizer water. A small amount of potted plants in a family or large pot plants displayed in public places for a long time can be regularly buried and applied with a small amount of multi-element slow-release compound fertilizer particles, or irrigated with 0.2 {bf} urea and 0.1 {bf} potassium dihydrogen phosphate mixture.

Radermachera Sinica