How to propagate umbrella plant

Written by Maggie

Feb 19 2021

How to propagate umbrella plant

Umbrella plant mainly has three propagation methods: sowing, division and cutting propagation. One of the more commonly used propagation methods is the division propagation method. At the time of changing pots in spring, the mother plant should be taken out of the pot, cut into clusters of daughter plants with roots with a sterilized knife, and planted into new, ventilated and fertile soil respectively, for slow maintenance. Then they will be able to survive independently and gradually grow up. The following are propagation methods of Umbrella Plant.

propagation methods of Umbrella Plant

Umbrella Plant cutting propagation method

Umbrella Plant cutting propagation can be divided into soil and water cutting propagation.

Soil plug propagation

Umbrella plant cutting propagation usually takes place during the summer growing season. Specific cutting propagation method is: from the top of stem under the Umbrella bracts 5 ~ 6 cm, cut, cut the bracts tips to keep 3 ~ 4 cm in length, cut to semal 6 ~ 8 cm in diam., and then plug stem into a bowl of sand or sand bed, let semal against the sand, and placed it in the shade, keep the air and the soil moisture, 20 days or so Umbrella plant begins to take root sprout, small plants sprouting.

Water plugging propagation

Propagating umbrella plant in water, fill a clean, wide-mouth jar with cold boiling water at 25℃. Cut from the top of the stem about 8 cm below the umbrella bracts, half off each bracts, and insert them into the prepared bottle. After that, the buds will come out in the axils of the bracts and grow upward, and the roots will reach into the water. It can be transplanted into seedlings in about 20 days. It is necessary to pay attention to the replacement of cold boiled water once every 2~3 days to avoid the cuttings being contaminated by bacteria and thus rotting.

propagation methods of Umbrella Plant

Division propagation of Umbrella plant

Umbrella Plant Division propagation is suitable to be carried out in March to April when the pot is changed. The mother plant is taken out of the pot, cut into several clusters and put into the pot respectively. The survival rate is very high.

Umbrella plant sowing propagation

Umbrella plant sowing propagation is generally in the autumn when the seeds are ripe. Put it in a cool place to dry after collection. In the spring of the following year, spread seeds into a basin with soil, press them flat, cover them with thin soil, soak them in water, cover them with glass, and keep the basin soil moist. After 10 days, the Umbrella Plant will sprout one after another. When the seedling height is 5cm, it can be moved into the small pot.

Why propagate an umbrella plant?

Propagation is a notable way to amplify your series of Dwarf Scheffleras:

  • It's an environment friendlyuse of stem cuttings leftover from pruning.
  • You can supply child Scheffleras away as gifts!
  • If you have an Umbrella Plant you speciallylove, stem cuttings make specific clones.

When to propagate an umbrella plant

The satisfactory time to take a stem reducing is in the spring or early summer. This offers your slicing time to root and set up itself in the course of the heatseason, and makes it less difficult for the dad or mum plant to recover.

Theoretically, the timing isn't so vital with a houseplant that's saved indoors year-round, however maintain in thought it's constantly a task to battle Mother Nature.

propagation methods of Umbrella Plant