Umbrella plant profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 01 2021

Umbrella plant profile

Umbrella Plant, scientific name Cyperus alternifolius is an aquatic plant that can be made into various crafts with high ornamental value. Umbrella plants can also be made into potted plants, placed in sitting room maintenance. 

Umbrella Plant picture

Umbrella Plant

Umbrella Plant morphological characteristics

Umbrella Plant is a perennial wet plant with a height of 40 ~ 160 cm.Stem stout, upright growth, nearly cylindrical stem, fasciculus, the upper part of the more rough, the lower part of the package in the brown leaf sheath. Leafy bracts are conspicuous, about 20 of them, subequal, more than twice as long as inflorescence, 2 -- 11 mm wide. Leafy bracts spiral along the tip of the stem, radiating in all directions and spreading umbrella ally. Cymes, with many branching branches, often 4 to 10 secondary branches at each branching end; Umbrella Plant has many small grains, dense in the top of the second branching, small grains elliptic or long elliptic-lanceolate, compressed, 3 ~ 8 mm long, with 6 flowers at most; Flowers are bisexual, without inferior setae, scales arranged in two rows, ovate-lanceolate, apical acuminate, ca. 2 mm long, with rust-colored spots, anther apical seat appendage, style 3. The fruit is a nutlet, elliptic nearly triangular, about 1 mm long. The fruit is mature from September to October, and the flowering period is in summer and autumn. The Umbrella Plant is low, 20 -- 25 cm tall, involved like. Silver Umbrella Plant grass path and leaf with white lines, white and green.

Umbrella Plant distribution range

Umbrella Plant is originally produced in Madagascar, Africa, and is now cultivated in the north and south of China.

Life Habits of Umbrella Plant

Umbrella Plant likes a warm and humid environment with ventilation and sunshine. A cool environment is the best. Don't expose Umbrella Plant to the sun. One thing to note is that Umbrella Plant can't stand the cold. Clay environments where the soil is warm and moist and where there is a lot of decaying vegetation. The temperature in winter should not be lower than 5℃.

Propagation Method of Umbrella Plant

Propagation methods are commonly used for dividing plants and cutting propagation of two methods, of course, can also sow. There are two kinds of cutting methods for soil insertion and water insertion. Know more about how to propagate Umbrella Plant.

Umbrella Plant growing methods

Moisture management

Umbrella Plant likes a high humid climate environment, the growth environment of air relative temperature is 75 ~ 85%.When the relative humidity of the air is too low, the lower leaves yellowed, and the upper leaf tips dried up.

Umbrella Plant

Temperature management

The optimum growth temperature for Umbrella Plant is 18℃ ~ 30℃, avoid cold frost, overwintering temperature needs to be kept above 10℃, in winter the temperature drops below 4℃ into hibernation state, if the ambient temperature is close to 0℃, will die due to frostbite.

In the summer

Strengthen the air convection, so that the Umbrella Plant temperature can be emitted;

Put Umbrella Plant in the half shade, or give it shade 50%;

Give Umbrella Plant appropriate spray, 2 ~ 4 times a day.

In the winter

1. Move Umbrella Plant to a bright indoor place for maintenance;

2. In the outdoor, available film to wrap it up for winter, but every two days in the noon when the temperature is higher to uncover the film to let it breathe;

Light management

Umbrella Plant is afraid of strong light, needs to be placed in half shade maintenance, or give it shade 70%. Put in the indoor maintenance, as far as possible in a bright place, and every one or two months to move to the outdoor half shade or shade maintenance for a month, in order to allow its accumulation of nutrients, restore growth.

Water management

There are many requirements of Umbrella Plant for fertilizer and water, but the most afraid of disorderly fertilization, concentrated fertilizer and partial application of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, the requirement to follow the "light fertilizer frequently applied, the amount of more times, nutrition" fertilization (water) principle

The Value of Umbrella Plant

Umbrella Plant is very versatile. Both can be made into a variety of handicrafts, also can be produced into industrial products. At the same time, Umbrella Plant also has a high ornamental value and a good role in purifying the environment.

Umbrella plant flower language

Umbrella Plant is a kind of grass that can blossom in summer and fall with proper care. Umbrella plants can be grown in soil or water, and have strong vitality. In addition, Umbrella Plant has good toughness and flat joints, giving people a sense of toughness. Over time, people give Umbrella Plant the words of "tenacious vitality, bold and tenacious".

Umbrella Plant