How to propagate Small-leaf spiderwort

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

How to propagate Small-leaf spiderwort

As an ornamental plant, Small-Leaf Spiderwort is familiar to flower lovers. It is similar to the Peony Branchplant in that it has both leaves and flowers. In life, many people keep Small-Leaf Spiderwort, but one pot is a little monotonous. Many flower friends want to propagate more pots, so how to propagate Small-Leaf Spiderwort? Here are a few ways to propagate Small-Leaf Spiderwort.

 propagate Small-Leaf Spiderwort

When it comes to propagating Small-Leaf Spiderwort, there are three propagation methods suitable for flower lovers: cutting, division and layering propagation. Among them, cutting propagation is the most commonly used, which is to cut the strong growing branches of Small-Leaf Spiderwort and insert them into the soil. Division propagation is simple. It is to take Small-Leaf Spiderwort plants out of the pot, divide them into several clumps and plant them separately. Layering propagation is relatively rare, and it is to bend the stem in the soil surface, cover the soil, and take root after cutting.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort cutting propagation propagation

1. Cutting propagation time: Small-Leaf Spiderwort likes warm environments. Cutting propagation of Small-Leaf Spiderwort can be carried out in spring, autumn and summer in addition to winter. However, if you want to cuttage survival rate high, the best choice of summer and autumn is rainy or cloudy days.

2. Selection of cuttings for propagation: Cut solid cuttings without pests and diseases from the Small-Leaf Spiderwort plant (5-8 cm). After the cuttings are obtained, the cuttings are first hung for about 1 days, and the cuttings are then dipped in the root powder and then cut on the prepared substrate.

3. Prepare the substrate for propagation: after the time is determined and the cuttings are cut, you also need to prepare the basin soil for cutting propagation. General selection of mixed soil, peat soil with perlite, pebbles and so on can be mixed, can also add some organic fertilizer.

4. Cutting propagation start: do the above preparation, Small-Leaf Spiderwort cutting propagation can officially start: insert the cuttings into the prepared pot soil, insert the depth of the full length of 1/2-2/3, cutting density for plant row spacing of 3-4 cm is appropriate.

5. After cutting propagation maintenance: after cutting propagation, put the basin in a ventilated and cool place, often spray water, according to the conventional requirements for management and care, half a month can take root. 

 propagate Small-Leaf Spiderwort

Small-Leaf Spiderwort division propagation

How does Small-Leaf Spiderwort propagate, since stems tend to root at nodes? You can choose the division propagation method of Small-Leaf Spiderwort. Division propagation time is generally chosen in early spring, when the temperature is not high, the transpiration of the plant is small, and the incision is not easy to rot. Methods: After the stem nodes of Small- Leaf Spiderwort took root, it was cut off and planted in another pot to form a new plant.

Small-leaf Spiderwort layering propagation

In addition to cutting and division propagation, layering propagation method Small-leaf Spiderwort of can also be used for the propagation of Small-Leaf Spiderwort. The layering propagation method is also very simple. On the Small-Leaf Spiderwort plant, the strong growing stems are selected, bent to the soil surface, covered with soil, and cut off after the stem nodes have taken root. Then, the new plants are formed by transplanting.

In general, the propagation of Small-Leaf Spiderwort is not difficult. Cutting, dividing and layering propagation can survive rooting, but cutting propagation is the best in terms of survival rate. We can choose the methods to propagate according to different situations.

 propagate Small-Leaf Spiderwort