Small-leaf spiderwort profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 22 2021

Small-leaf spiderwort profile

Small-Leaf Spiderwort (Tradescantia fiumiensis) is a perennial herb of the genus Tradescantia in the Anacardiaceae family. In summer, Small-Leaf Spiderwort can be used as a hanging gallery under the foliage plants. As an ornamental plant, Small- Leaf Spiderwort has high ornamental value. At the same time, the whole plant can be used as medicine. It has the effects of detoxification, blood circulation and diuresis, and can cure diseases such as ulcer poisoning, metatarsal tuberculosis and gonorrhea.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort picture

Small-Leaf Spiderwort

Morphological characteristics of Small-Leaf Spiderwort

Small-Leaf Spiderwort is an evergreen perennial herb. Stems are prostrate, smooth, up to 60cm long, with purplish red halo, slightly expanded nodes, easy to root at the nodes. Leaves are alternate, oblong or ovate-oblong, apex acute, underside dark violet violet, only the upper end of leaf sheaths hairy, with white stripes. Flowers are small, many clusters into umbels, white, surrounded by 2 leaflike bracts, summer, autumn flowering.

Distribution of Small-Leaf Spiderwort

Small-Leaf Spiderwort is native to Central Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay in South America. At present, it is widely cultivated throughout the country.

Ecological habits of Small-Leaf Spiderwort

Small-Leaf Spiderwort likes warm and humid climates and is afraid of the scorching sun. It is suitable to live in a place with bright scattered light, and it does not have high requirements on soil ecological habits. The suitable growth temperature is 15-25℃, the winter temperature is kept above 5℃, the basin soil can not be too dry.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort growing methods

1.The mixed medium of leaf rot soil, garden soil and river sand is used for potting. Since Small-Leaf Spiderwort grows by creeping, it is advisable to hang the pot body to achieve better ornamental effect.

2.In the Small-Leaf Spiderwort initial growth of the stem and tendrils every 10-15 days to apply liquid fertilizer, when the stem sprawl full pot can stop fertilizing.

3.In the growing season of Small-Leaf Spiderwort, keep the pot soil moist, watering attention between dry wet, less watering in winter; High temperature and dry should often spray water to the leaf, in order to maintain the air humidity around the flowerpot, too dry growth is inhibited, leaves dry lack of vitality.

4. In winter, Small-Leaf Spiderwort can be placed in the sun, summer sun exposure. In the growth season, it should be shaded maintenance, but too shaded stems are easy to grow, variegated varieties are not obvious markings.

5.Turn over the pot once a year, the old stem of Small-Leaf Spiderwort can be cut off when turning over the pot in spring, after turning over the pot, let the axillary bud germination and long.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort

Propagation method of Small-Leaf Spiderwort

Small-Leaf Spiderwort grows fast and easily roots, and is commonly propagated by division, cutting and layering.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort division propagation: the stem is easy to take root in the node, after taking root, cut another plant in the pot, that is, into a new plant.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort layering propagation: bend the stem to the soil surface, and then cover it with soil, it is easy to take root at the stem node, cut it and transplant it into a new plant.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort Cutting propagation: spring, autumn, summer three seasons can be carried out, cut the branches of 5-8 cm water, soil can be inserted, weeks can take root.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort main value

Small-Leaf Spiderwort landscape utility

1. Indoor potting: hairless purple dew flowers long, colorful, suitable for potting. Potted to ensure adequate light conditions, otherwise easy to close flowers or long and flat. Flossom month can be flat stubble. If the light is insufficient, Small-Leaf Spiderwort should be replaced in time.

2. Open field application: Small-Leaf Spiderwort is a no purple dew flower, long flowering period, tolerance to different types of soil, more barren tolerance, management does not require too fine.It has high reproduction coefficient, and can overwinter on the open ground. Small-Leaf Spiderwort has wide adaptability, and can be popularized and applied vigorously in urban and rural greening in Northeast, North, Central and East China of China. In afforestation it can decorate flower beds, also can become a piece or become a plant, surround a circle, square or other shape, the center grows shrubs, small arbor or other flowers 

3.Small-leaf spiderwort plants hang loose, beautiful leaf color, is suitable for potted ornamental, bookcase, a few shelves, tea table and other places good decorative plants.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort Medicinal value

Small-Leaf Spiderwort can activate blood, benefit water, detumescence, disperse knots, detoxify, tuberculosis, tuberculosis, gonorrhea.

Small-Leaf Spiderwort