How to Propagate Red Tip Photinia

Written by Maggie

Jan 18 2023

How to Propagate Red Tip Photinia

Red tip photinia is a plant with strong ornamental value. Its color is bright and its leaves and branches are Red, which gives people a warm feeling and attracts people's attention. So what is the propagation method of Red Tip Photinia? Let's learn how to propagate Red Tip Photinia by cutting.

propagate Red Tip Photinia

Cutting Propagation Time of Red Tip Photinia

The best cutting propagation time for Red Tip Photinia is from spring to summer and from summer to autumn each year when the branches of red tip photinia are lignified.

Red Tip Photinia Cuttings Selection for Propagation

Cuttings for propagation should choose to grow strong, the branches of the growing season in a year or so, that is to say, in the red leaves turning into the green on the new shoots can be cut down and used as cuttings. The cutting length between 5 to 8 cm, be sure to keep the branches of the crown, will leave a smaller part of larger leaves and small leaf retaining more than half is more appropriate, in addition, to guarantee the cuttings incision level off is smooth.

Cutting Propagation Process of Red Tip Photinia

In a timely manner to the sprinkler, shade, it is best to use when shearing the cuttings professional tools for shearing, in order to reduce the wound, and to the scissors are not regular disinfection, to prevent cross-infection. Virus shear cutting time and cutting propagation of red tip photinia time s best to or on overcast days before ten o 'clock in the morning or after 4 PM, the cutting slit with the rooting agent for processing, in order to speed up the roots, improve the Red tip photinia survival rate.

propagate Red Tip Photinia