How to Propagate Mums: 4 Chrysanthemum Propagation Methods

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Oct 28 2021

How to Propagate Mums: 4 Chrysanthemum Propagation Methods

The Chrysanthemum (Mums) is one of the four cultivars in flower, and cultivation is very simple. So how to propagate Chrysanthemum? There are many Chrysanthemum propagation methods. Apart from the most conventional sowing, there are also cuttings, division, layering and grafting. Each method has great differences.

Chrysanthemum Propagation from Seed

1. Seed collection

Chrysanthemum propagation from seed is the most basic method, with a high survival rate but slow growth. Harvest Chrysanthemum seeds in autumn, a year in advance, and place them in a cool, dry environment until next year's planting.

2. Sowing propagation method

When we carry out seed propagation of Chrysanthemum, prepare a bowl of loose and breathable soil, preferably peat or leaf rot, sandy soil and gravel in a 4:4:2 ratio, and then soak the soil with 800 times the diluted chlorothalonil solution to disinfect it. Spread the seeds on top of the soil, then cover the pot with plastic wrap, prick holes and allow air to pass through. The chrysanthemums will be healthier.

Chrysanthemum Propagation from Cutting

1. Cutting shoots and buds

Among the Chrysanthemum propagation methods, cutting propagation is the simplest, generally waiting for the growth period from spring to summer to select a mother plant without disease and insect pests. Use sterilized scissors to cut off a 6 - to a 10-centimeter section of healthy shoots. Then cut the leaf above the cuttings bud clean, leave the top 203 leaves only, bubble after diluting the rooting water in 12 hours.

2. Cutting into the soil

Finally, we will have a good cutting branches bud in the new basin have been sterilized soil, the soil with hand-dug a small pit, 3 ~ 4 cm insert cutting shoot inside the small holes, then the soil with the hand, in real water wet soil, the pot in a cool and dark environment, such as its root slowly.

propagation methods of Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Propagation from Division

1. Remove pot and plant

The Chrysanthemum division propagation is generally carried out at the time of changing the pot every year, generally in the autumn and winter flowering period, do not water 2 ~ 3 days in advance, make the pot soil slightly dry, and then turn the pot upside down, pat the bottom of the pot by hand, Chrysanthemum plants out of the pot. Wash the roots of the Chrysanthemum plants with water and look for diseased or decayed roots, as well as older or too thin ones. Cut them off.

2.  Chrysanthemum division propagation process

When we carried out Chrysanthemum division propagation, the treated Chrysanthemum plants were divided into small plants one by one from the root and the attached roots were cut off with scissors. The seedlings were then disinfected by soaking in potassium permanganate solution, dried and then planted as new Chrysanthemum seedlings. Pick a few flower pots and fill them with loose and fertile permeable soil. Then plant these Chrysanthemum plants in different pots, wet the soil with water and place in a cool environment.

Chrysanthemum Propagation from Layering

1. Layered branches and buds

In fact, layering propagation is a good method to propagate Chrysanthemum by lapping the flower stem with Chrysanthemum. However, the most important thing is to select the bud of lapping shoots. Too robust old shoots have a low germination rate, so it is not suitable. Too thin shoots and not enough nutrition, not only can not guarantee the birth of bud roots, but also let the buds wither, it is better to have toughness, 1 to 2 years of healthy shoots.

2. Chrysanthemum layering propagation method

When we carry out Chrysanthemum layering propagation method, cut the flower stem of the pressed branch bud with 2 ~ 3cm wide incision, and bury it in the soil after the incision is dry, and then fix it according to the usual watering and lighting maintenance. Cut the flower stem directly with a knife after the plant has grown new roots, so that a new Chrysanthemum plant can be formed. But by watching them and watering them enough, not only will the roots grow faster, but they will also grow more robust.

Chrysanthemum Propagation from Grafting 

In the spring, dig up some robust wild Artemisia seedlings and plant them directly on the seedbed. Keep Artemisia seedlings in the sun, and water and fertile them to grow stronger and stronger. When the young Artemisia artemisia seedlings grew to 10-16 cm in summer, they were cut off from the height of 7 cm. After 14 days of wound recovery, the Chrysanthemum was grafted by cleavage graft.

When carrying out Chrysanthemum grafting propagation, note that the leaves at the junction should be removed in time, but also to avoid the middle of the grafting position, until the length of 2 ~ 3 cm, you can insert the bud bud bud into the incision. After being fixed with tape and then covered with plastic bags, a month later, the wound recovered, chrysanthemum grafting propagation is a success.

propagation methods of Chrysanthemum

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