Skills for cherry tomato planting

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Skills for cherry tomato planting
As a variety of tomato, cherry tomato planting is more and more popular among consumers. Its quality, flavor and nutritional value are all superior to ordinary tomatoes. Here we will learn some main techniques and steps for cherry tomato planting.
 cherry tomato plant

Semination of cherry tomato planting

In the first and middle of February, you can use greenhouses or solar greenhouse to cover a small hotbed for seedling, seedling age 70 ~ 80 days transplant. Then, the seeds are seeded with 0.2% ~ 0.3% pentachloronitrobenzene or carbamiline, and then seeded with 20 ~ 30℃ warm water for 5 ~ 6 hours, and then the seeds are removed and dried. The germination is accelerated at 25 ~ 28℃ for 36 ~ 48 hours, and the seeds could be seeded when the radicle breaks through the seed coat. After sowing, the bed temperature is kept at 25℃ in the day and 18℃ at night. The mulch is removed in the morning when the germ arches the soil. The temperature in the shed is maintained at 20 ~ 25℃ in the day and 10 ~ 15℃ at night until the seedling stage is excavated. If the soil hair dries, cotyledon will tip slightly up when spraying water.

Timely separate plant seedlings of cherry tomato planting

Generally, when the two leaves of the seedling are one, you can choose good weather with no wind to separate the seedlings. Mulch can be transplanted or nutrient soil blocks can be divided into seedlings. The soil block area should be 10 cm ×10 cm. After the bed soil water with a small shovel seedlings, seedlings should be planted to let the roots in the soil stretch, after the timely film mulching. After seedling separation, straw curtains should be opened in the morning and covered in the evening. The ground temperature should be maintained at 20 ~ 22℃ and 24 ~ 26℃ in the daytime, 18 ~ 20℃ in the night and 16 ~ 17℃ in the shed. Topdressing should be done outside the root during the rapid growth period of seedlings. The day before planting, you'd better ventilate for a while.

Water management of cherry tomato planting

After planting according to the weather conditions watering, you can decide if watering or not. After the survival of the soil, you'd better promote slow seedlings in time. Beginners should keep it in mind that it is not proper to water seedlings after slow seedlings to promote the root system. Vigorous growth period depends on soil moisture in time to keep the soil moist. You need to pay attention to drainage on rainy days and the proper earthing of plants at later growth stages. After the first year of fruit sit steady every 10 days after a fertilizer, thin fertilizer should be applied frequently, and it is proper to apply fertilizer of 20 kilograms of cooked cake or 10 kilograms of compound fertilizer as requested.

Set up the cane of cherry tomato planting

Cherry tomatoes should be pruned and tenanted. The tenanting should be started when the seedling height is 30 ~ 40 cm. The height of the bracket is 2 meters and tenanted every 15 ~ 20 cm. Single stalk pruning method is used, only the main branch is left, and 1 ~ 2 leaves are left on the side branch for topping. In the middle and late stage of plant growth, there is no need for pruning, so that the middle and upper part of the plant can grow normally.