How to plant pineapple in a pot

Written by Joy

Oct 26 2020

How to plant pineapple in a pot

Pineapple, originally named pineapple, is native to Brazil and was introduced to China in the 16th century. For many food lovers, pineapple not only tastes delicious and juicy but also can be put into dishes to make delicious food, so it is sought after by many female friends. There are many benefits for women to eat pineapple, and it has rich nutritional value. However, after eating too much ripe pineapple, the mouth often feels itchy and uncomfortable, and some people have allergic reactions to pineapple. Therefore, although pineapple is yummy, you'd better remember not to overeat it. Pineapple potted plants are also a good choice as indoor plants. How to pot pineapple? This article mainly introduces the cultivation methods and precautions of pineapple, hoping to be helpful to the majority of pineapple lovers.

How to plant pineapple in pot

How to plant pineapple in pot

Growing pineapple in pots at home requires a lot of patience because it takes about two to three years from the crown bud to grow the first pineapple fruit. And because of objective reasons such as cultivation conditions, the pineapple fruit may not be able to grow smoothly, which is the same as potted dragon fruit. But you can plant it as a great indoor plant. If you get a small fruit, it is an unexpected harvest!

Prepare tools

Pineapple Crown Bud, Knife Water Cup, Cultivate Soil, Flower Pot

Planting method

How to plant pineapple in pot

1. Choose healthy pineapple

You'd better buy ripe fresh pineapples with firm green leaves on the top. When purchasing the pineapples, it's a better choice to avoid picking pineapples that are too mature or have bitter leaves. It is a good choice to gently pull the leaves of pineapples when selecting. If the leaves are easily pulled out, the pineapple is too mature and not suitable for planting.

2. Cut the leaf crown of pineapple

You might consider using a knife to cut off the top leaf crown of the pineapple. To prevent the rhizome from rot, it is best not to have pulp on the leaf crown when cutting the leaf crown.
3. Remove the leaves at the bottom of the canopy.
How to plant pineapple in pot
Carefully tear off the leaves at the bottom of the leaf crown to expose a bare stem of about 4cm at the bottom, but avoid destroying the root primordium under the leaf scar when tearing the leaves.

4. Keep the wound dry

You'd better put the leaf crowns of the processed leaves in a cool and ventilated place for 1-2 days to promote dry healing of their wounds and prevent pineapple from rot.

5. Hydroponic pineapple plant

How to plant pineapple in pot
After the cut of the pineapple leaf crown is dried, you'd better prepare a transparent cup with pure water, and then put the leaf crown in the cup. Soak the rhizome in clean water for about 3 cm, and then place it on a window sill that is well-lit, ventilated, and warm. What you should pay attention to is that the pineapple planting environment must maintain a little humidity to some extent, and change the water once every two days to ensure the activity of the clear water and promote root induction.

6. Wait for the crown to take root

If the temperature is high, the leaf canopy of pineapple will take root in about 2-3 weeks, but if the temperature and humidity are not enough, the rooting time will be longer. If they are grown in winter, you'd better keep them in a warm place for maintenance. You can spray more water into the surrounding air to maintain humidity, and pay attention to shade. Change the water in the cup frequently before rooting. After rooting, you can wait for the clear water in the cup to become turbid before changing the water.

7. Transform hydroponic to soil culture

When the root system of the leaf canopy grows to 2-5cm, it's time to transfer it to the soil for maintenance. If it is troublesome, you can continue hydroponics.
How to plant pineapple in pot
First, prepare a loose, fertile, slightly acidic soil with good drainage and air permeability. You could directly use the original soil mixed compost soil, peat soil, and river sand, and then choose a flower pot with good drainage performance for planting. Before planting, you can dip some rooting powder on the roots of the pineapples, and cover the roots of the leaf crown with a suitable thin layer of soil after planting. 

8. Post-maintenance of pineapple

The pineapple can be potted in a well-lit place after seven days of soil cultivation. It is necessary to keep the soil in the pot moist, not too dry or too wet. After the pineapple has grown for two months, you can properly spread some thin fertilizer in the pot. After 60 days, the crown buds of the pineapple will develop into new plants. You can pull it slightly to check if new roots have formed. If it looks decayed, you have to replant it.
 How to plant pineapple in pot
After growing into a new plant, the leaves of the original pineapple crown bud will gradually begin to die and turn brown, and then new leaves will gradually grow out. Cut off the original leaves in time. You'd better water it once a week. When the pineapple plants grow bigger, you'd better change them into larger containers. Generally, pineapple fruits can be harvested in 1-3 years.

Precautions for pineapple potted plants

You'd better be sure to buy fresh pineapple as a material.
How to plant pineapple in pot
Pay attention to the temperature and temperature of the environment. These two are the most critical, and the temperature between 25 and 30 degrees is the most suitable. If you use the glass cover above, you can also plant pineapple potted plants in winter.