How to propagate little Jewel

Written by Maggie

Feb 04 2021

How to propagate little Jewel

How to propagate Little Jewel? Little Jewel's leaves look like biological spindles, which are very lovely. There are lines on the leaves, with beautiful effect. This beautiful leaf can also be her breeding mother! How else can Little Jewel propagate? Take a look and make your Little Jewel a treasure for your guests!

Little jewel's sowing propagation 

Sowing propagation of little jewel has not always been popular with family florists because the growth rate is very slow and requires careful care. In particular, seeds, succulent seeds are very small, and may be blown away by any breeze.

But sowing propagation has its beauty. From the very beginning, I have witnessed her form, and I have been raised slowly, and I have a great sense of achievement.

Little Jewel was planted in the spring, and the suitable temperature for germination was 19-24 °C.Sprout after a small amount of water, after taking root can be on the basin.

 propagate little Jewel

Little lewel leaf insertion propagation

Little Jewel leaves as long as full can be inserted, very easy to live. Reuse, do not waste every fallen leaf. When we carry out Little lewel leaf insertion propagation, leaf face up, leaf back down, do not have to cover soil, placed in a cool place, 10 days or so from the base of the leaf can grow a leaflet and new roots, will root buried in the soil, let it more sun, appropriate watering, fertilization, gradually will grow into a strong new plant.

Little Jewel cutting propagation

Little Jewel can also be propagated by stem cuttings in spring and summer.

Cut the stems, dry them, then insert them into the moist soil.

Little jewel beheading propagation

After little Jewel beheading propagation, it is easy to grow side branches. If the head is not cut off, the old stem of the plant will grow very long, and then it begins to branch, for more beautiful.Long when the same should be cut off the head germination side bud, so that the plant group is just beautiful.

Little Jewel division propagation

The Little Jewel division propagation requires chance. It usually takes two to three years for a plant to grow into a branch. After growing seedlings, seedlings can be cut, to be cut dry, inserted into the basin soil. The moisture of basin soil should not be too high, and the moisture should be maintained.

 propagate little Jewel