How to propagate lavender

Written by Maggie

Jul 15 2021

How to propagate lavender

The propagation methods of lavender mainly include sowing, cutting and division propagation, and the cutting and sowing propagation methods are mainly adopted. The following are details of these three propagation methods of lavender.

propagation methods of lavender.

Sowing propagation method of lavender

1. Lavender sowing propagation time: The sowing propagation time of lavender is generally in April. It is easier for lavender to germinate when the temperature is between 20-25℃.

2. Seed selection and germination promotion: it is necessary to promote germination before sowing. Put the lavender seeds into the sun to bask in, and then soak them in 30℃ warm water for 1-2 hours. After taking them out, put them into wet paper towels, cover them with a layer of plastic film, and maintain a certain humidity.

3. Basin soil preparation for sowing propagation: lavender is suitable for growing in loose and fertile sandy loam, can be mixed with garden soil, peat soil and river sand preparation, the ratio of the three is 5:3:2. The soil contains a certain amount of nutrients and also ensures good drainage.

4. Lavender sowing propagation: put the seeds of lavender on the surface of the soil, cover with a layer of fine soil, and pour a permeable, provide a moist environment, so as to promote the growth and development of seedlings, until the growth of true leaves, can be appropriate to see the light. Learn how to grow lavender indoors.

propagation methods of lavender.

Cutting propagation method of lavender

1. Lavender cutting propagation time: Lavender cutting propagation is usually carried out in spring or autumn. Because of its strong adaptability, it can be used at other times as long as the ambient temperature is suitable.

2. Cutting propagation processing: choose strong and healthy branches as cuttings, between 5-10 cm in length, remove the leaves at the bottom, and soak them in root water.

3. With soil cutting: mixed with river sand and coconut bran as the substrate, the ratio is about 2:1.Insert the cuttings and place them in a well-ventilated environment for two to three weeks to root.

Division propagation method of lavender

Division propagation method of lavender can be carried out in both spring and autumn, using 3-4 year old plants, in spring March to April with the adult roots of the division, each branch with eyes.

propagation methods of lavender.