How to care for Lavender plants

Written by Maggie

Jul 15 2021

How to care for Lavender plants

Lavender is a very popular herb, known for its wonderful floral fragrance, and lavender oil has a calming effect. Growing lavender at home is very easy. This article will talk about lavender care for leaves yellowing and seedling blackening.

Lavender care

Lavender care for leaves yellowing

The yellowing of Lavender leaves is most commonly caused by too much light. In summer, shade maintenance should be paid attention to, and excessive watering will also lead to yellowing of Lavender leaves. It is necessary to move the Lavender to a place with good ventilation to quickly evaporate water. The following are details of lavender care for leaves yellowing.

1. Light care

Lavenders need plenty of light to grow well, but shade should be used in the summer when the sun is too strong. Otherwise, too much light will burn the leaves and cause yellow spots on the leaves. Therefore, when we care for lavender, light should be reduced in summer, especially at noon.

2. Soil care

Lavender is drought, but don't like damp, watering it must control the amount, or watering too much can cause pelvic effusion, roots of breath, unable to absorb the moisture and nutrients, causing the leaves yellow, When we care for lavender, it needs to be moved to the light is bright, well ventilated place, check out the soil and makes it dry quickly.

3. Ventilation care

Lavender likes fresh air. If it is kept in a closed environment, it will not only cause poor growth and yellowing of leaves, but also easily breed bacteria and cause diseases. Therefore, it must be planted in a well-ventilated place.

4. Remove pots and change soil

Lavender growth requires frequent fertilization, but many people do not control the amount of fertilizer. If too much fertilization causes the leaves to turn yellow, how to care for lavender? In lesser cases, irrigate the Lavender with water, dilute the fertilizer, and dry the soil in the basin. More serious words need to take off the basin, wash the root, change the soil re - cultivation.

Lavender care

Lavender care for seedling blackening

How to care for lavender seedling turning black? If too much water to prevent water control in water treatment. If poor ventilation should be put in a ventilated place to make it the air circulation. If lighting problems are graced in moderation and to prevent strong light sunburn, excessive fertilization should dilute the thick fat, or thin fat frequently applied in soil. The following are details of lavender care for seedling blackening.

Watering care

The dark seedling of Lavender is probably caused by excessive watering, which leads to water accumulation and root rot. It is necessary to do a good job of water control and discharge the excess water in the soil. When we care for lavender, stop watering and keep the basin soil slightly dry, so that the Lavender seedlings can slowly return to normal, and then water and maintain a little.

Ventilation care

For a long time in a dense and not ventilated environment, the Lavender seedlings will also appear black. When we care for lavender, it should be placed in a well-ventilated position for maintenance, so that the air around the Lavender seedlings is in a state of flow, so that it will not appear black because of poor ventilation and can not breathe well.

Luster care

Lack of light or too strong light caused by the dark seedling of Lavender how to do, for less light caused by the dark seedling of Lavender, to do the light treatment, so that it receives sufficient light, for strong light sunburn Lavender seedlings, it is to put it in the shade watering maintenance, make it slowly return to normal.

Fertilizing care

After excessive fertilization causes root burning of concentrated fertilizer, it will also make the leaves of Lavender seedlings black. When we care for lavender, it is necessary to water the concentrated fertilizer in time to dilute it to a concentration suitable for absorption of Lavender seedlings, or replace the concentrated soil with new soil and then apply thin fertilizer frequently for maintenance.

Lavender care for pest control

After suffering from root rot, leaf spot disease and various diseases and insect pests, Lavender seedlings may also appear black. When we care for lavender, it is necessary to clean the growth environment of Lavender seedlings, maintain a clean growth environment, and regularly spray the corresponding liquid medicine to prevent diseases and insect pests from threatening the healthy growth of Lavender seedlings again.

Change the soil

The hardening soil makes it difficult for the roots of Lavender seedlings to breathe, which is also an important reason for the blackening of Lavender seedlings. When we care for lavender, Lavender seedlings should be carefully potted first, and then replaced with a mixture of peat soil, rural soil and perlite to avoid soil acid, and then replanted. Learn more about how to grow lavender indoors.

Lavender care