How to propagate Coleus

Written by Maggie

Sep 09 2021

How to propagate Coleus

The leaves of Coleus are bright and colorful, with different shades of yellow, red and purple. They are irregular and lumpish in color, which is highly variable. Coleus is a very popular leaf-watching plant. Now let's see the propagation methods of Coleus.

propagation methods of Coleus
Coleus - Most Common House Plant

Cutting propagation method of Coleus

Cutting propagation season: greenhouse hole dish cutting propagation can be carried out in 3 to October, exposed hole dish cutting propagation can be carried out in 4 to September, with the change of local temperature appropriate adjustment.

Cuttings preparation: cut branches in the development of robust shoots, such cuttings of the highest content of endogenous auxin, the strongest cell meristem ability, branches cut into 5 to 7 cm long segments, with two axillary buds, leaves cut to half, cut into the clear water, keep wet for use.

The selection of hole plate: according to the situation of cutting seedlings for Coleus propagation to choose different specifications of hole plate. Optional 54 cm long, 28 cm wide, 5 cm high, aperture 3.1 cm or 2 cm, 5 cm deep hole plate.

Matrix preparation for Coleus propagation: as long as the matrix can keep breathable, if you want to rooting fast available peat and perlite at a ratio of 3∶1 mix, with water spray wet spray through. Adjust the pH value of 6 to 7 or so, and then use 0.1% potassium permanganate solution to disinfect the matrix, and then into the hole plate, compaction and flatten, scrape off the excess matrix. We can use peat soil, leaf rot soil, sawdust, sand soil.

Cutting propagation: the leaf is not covered with each other, does not affect photosynthesis is appropriate, cutting depth of 2 cm, not too deep, so as not to affect the rooting, after inserting with hand compaction matrix surface. After inserting the whole disc in a shading rate of 70% shading net, temperature is 25℃ to 32℃, breezing in the small environment.

Spray moisture: According to the weather conditions to adjust the spray time and times, sunny every 2 hours to the substrate surface spray, cloudy or rainy days can spray less or no spray, so that the air temperature is maintained at about 90%. At the same time, the substrate can not appear water. About 10 days after cutting propagation, the growth of new roots, gradually reduces the number of spray, half a month after transplantation or transplanting, into the normal management.

propagation methods of Coleus

Sowing propagation method of Coleus

Sowing propagation of coleus can be indoors at about 18℃ in early spring in March, and it is best to use fine sand soil. Seedling can emerge 7~8 days after sowing. When the seedling grows to 4~5 pairs of leaves, it can be planted in pots. The leaf color of the elder brother seedlings often appears a variety of variation, because some from the seedling, and we should pay attention to choose the leaf color rich and colorful plants to be cultivated. In time to eliminate the leaf color dull, monotonous seedlings. Coleus seedlings need to be plucked several times to promote more branching, so that the plant will be medium height, plump and colorful.

propagation methods of Coleus