How to Propagate Chocolate Soldier Succulent

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

How to Propagate Chocolate Soldier Succulent

Chocolate Soldier is a common succulent plant that succulent lovers love because its leaves look like rabbit ears. Chocolate Soldier has three propagation methods: cutting, leaf insertion and division, each of which has its own advantages. Here's how Chocolate Soldier succulent propagates.

Chocolate Soldier propagates

Chocolate Soldier Succulent Propagation from Leaf

If you want to make Chocolate Soldier succulent multiply, you can use the leaf insertion propagation method. Chocolate Soldier's leaf insertion propagation method is actually very simple. chocolate soldier succulent leaves from a Chocolate Soldier, dry soil or peat soil, a pot for leaves. During the growing season of Chocolate Soldier, take off the well-grown and plump leaves and air them. Cut the leaves and lay them flat on the soil so that they can be pressed down to take root. After that, put the inserted Chocolate soldier in a semi-shady place for curing, and the root will take place in about 20 days. Let it grow until you have four or five leaves ready to pot.

Chocolate Soldier Succulent Propagation from Division

With the growth of Chocolate Soldier Plant, the plant grows larger and may even branch, so you can choose to propagate by dividing plants. When a Chocolate Soldier grows into an adult, the plant is large and branching. These branches are the twigs that can be used to divide plants. Dust the Chocolate soldier and remove the root soil. Look at the branching and select the branchlets with well-developed roots. Trim the roots, remove rotten roots and plant them. Division is a good method of succulent propagation because it retains stems, roots, and leaves, so the survival rate of Chocolate Soldier division propagation is high.

Chocolate Soldier Succulent Propagation from Cutting

The cuttings for propagating Chocolate Soldier must be dried in a ventilated place, and then planted in a slightly moist sandy soil that is loose and drains well. After cutting, put Chocolate Soldier succulent in a cool and ventilated place to avoid sun exposure. Then wait for it to take root in about 20 days. Chocolate Soldier grows mainly in spring and autumn, and is dormant in summer. Chocolate Soldier will stop growing because of dormancy in summer, and it is hot and humid in summer, which is not the cool and dry environment that Chocolate Soldier likes, so the cuttings are easy to rot in summer. For this reason, Chocolate Soldier cutting propagation is best in spring or autumn every year. If cutting propagation of Chocolate Soldier is in summer, at least put it in a cool place to dry for 2-3 days, let the wound heal and dry before cutting. Cuttings do not often water, otherwise it is easy to rot.

Chocolate Soldier propagates

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