How to Propagate Asian Virginsbower (5 Ways)

Written by Maggie

Dec 27 2021

How to Propagate Asian Virginsbower (5 Ways)

Asian virginsbower is a vine of the Ranunculaceae family. Its survival ability is very strong and it is relatively easy to propagate. The living habits of Asian virginsbower determine that it is easy to grow, which is also one of the reasons why it is popular with flower lovers. So how can Asian virginsbower propagate quickly and easily? The following are propagation methods of Asian virginsbower.

propagation methods of Asian virginsbower

Asian Virginsbower Propagation from Cuttings

1. Selection of cuttings

This step is the most critical point for the survival of Asian virginsbower cuttings. First, of course, a healthy, healthy branch with at least one node. The second is to choose half lignified, this year's new strip, should not be too tender or too old. Finally, the incision should be flat, the knife should be sharp, and the incision should not be squeezed.

2. Selection of substrates

Asian Virginsbower generally prefers fertile, well-drained substrates. A 3:1 or 2:1 mixture of peat and perlite can be used. Water thoroughly before cutting.

3. Before cutting propagation

The cuttings can be rooting soaked for half an hour. Punch the hole with the stick, insert the cuttings and press them down by hand. Insert 2-3 cm or leave the node on top. After inserting, pour water thoroughly.

4. Avoid the sun

Attention should not be placed in the strong light, but there should be astigmatism, ventilation is better. In addition to maintaining humidity, the temperature is best controlled at 20 to 30℃. Moisturize with a plastic bag. Generally, 15 days or so, the incision will expand, begin to have signs of rooting, above the bud will also take out long leaves, a month or so will be able to take root.

Asian Virginsbower Propagation from Seed

Sowing propagation is one of the most common and easiest ways to propagate. How can asian virginsbower propagate quickly and easily? In fact, the normal spring sowing, generally 3-4 weeks can bud. Growth is faster in spring, but if you choose autumn, you will wait until the warm spring. If you want to carry out the vernalization treatment, you can put the seeds in the environment of 0~3℃ to refrigerate for about a month, its germination time is very long, to wait as long as October pregnancy, under normal circumstances, spring is more convenient and fast.

propagation methods of Asian virginsbower

Asian Virginsbower Propagation by Layering

Layering propagation is much simpler to lay down a mature vine at the bottom of the internode in March and prepare the soil. The soil must be kept moist and buried. Rooting usually takes place within a year. Cut it off from the plant and grow it. Newly planted plants need nutrients to grow more healthily, adding proper fertilizer will do.

Asian Virginsbower Propagation by Grafting

How can Asian virginsbower propagate quickly and easily? In fact, grafting propagation is also a very good method of rapid propagation. Asian virginsbower belongs to a kind of hybrid variety, which can be grafted onto rootstock by cleft grafting after single scion. The node has L-2 buds on the top, and the length of the node below is about 5-10 cm. Grafting propagation should be carried out in a warm and airtight environment, which can promote the survival rate of grafting. Grafting propagation method is also very good to use. If the flower friends do not have the conditions, can use the following plant division propagation method, simple and effective.

Asian Virginsbower Propagation from Plant Division

The method of plant division propagation is also very good. Usually, the plants will form clumps after 3 to 4 years, while the clumps will form. At this time, the leaves of Asian virginsbower are abundant and leafy, so the plant division is the most suitable. Personally think division propagation method is the simplest and most direct, only need to prepare the pot for transplanting, soil, do a good job of nutrient base conditioning can be, in the division of plant propagation should have about a month of slow seedlings, only need careful maintenance, do a good job of appropriate watering and lighting management.

Post-propagation Care of Asian virginsbower

After the success of the propagation also note water supplement, after supplement moisture, digging on its soil, as well as increase the air permeability, can help plant root respiration. It is easier for it to absorb nutrients and moisture, and can achieve the best growth state, to achieve the effect of a basin of flowers blooming. It is not only pleasing to look at at home.

After the successful propagation, we should also pay attention to the daily light. It is a drought-loving plant, at least half a day more than let it enjoy the sun, if the conditions are full sunshine is also very good. In addition, we should pay attention to regular thin fertilizer application to ensure the daily nutrient requirement of Asian Virginsbower. Only in this way, it can grow more healthily, achieve the ideal effect and make you harvest full of joy.

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propagation methods of Asian virginsbower