How to propagate Acorus gramineus

Written by Maggie

Dec 22 2020

How to propagate Acorus gramineus

As for propagation Acorus Gramineus, there are three varieties suitable for the florist to operate: sowing, cutting and parting.The seeds of Acorus gramineus are planted in the soil; Cuttings are taken Acorus gramineus stems and leaves and inserted into the soil; Separately, the Acorus Gramineus is basked off and the mother plant is cut into several clumps for planting.

Acorus Gramineus

The sowing propagation method of Acorus Gramineus

When to plant: After flowering, Acorus Gramineus will bear fruit, and when it is ripe it will be ready to harvest, from which we shall then obtain the seed we need for sowing. As for the sowing time, after collecting the seeds, the seeds should be dried and hidden, and then the seeds should be taken out in the spring and summer for sowing.

Sowing method: choose pollution-free river mud, pond mud or common garden soil that has been fully dried or sterilized by high temperature as sowing soil, then seed Acorus gramineus on the soil and cover the soil with 1.2cm soil. After sowing, keep the water wet, after a short while it can take root out of the seedlings, such as seedlings high about 10 cm sub.

Cutting propagation method of Acorus Gramineus

When to Cut: How to propagate Acorus Gramineus? The most common, of course, is the cuttage method. According to Acorus Gramineus' growth habit, it prefers a warm environment, so cutting is best selected in spring and autumn, when the rooting rate of cutting is higher.

Cutting selection: In cutting propagation of Acorus Gramineus, cutting selection is particularly important. In Acorus gramineus pot, cut at the short or transverse stem and leaf node with 2-3 cm rhizome, so as to obtain the cutting ear and not affect the germination of the mother plant after cutting.

Cuttage method: Choose an earthen basin for planting, which is filled with 2/3 or so sand soil, and then insert the cuttings into the soil, make it stable upright after filling sand soil again, and make sand soil higher than the growth point of the stem. After insertion, place the basin into the water, keep the water depth no less than 10 cm, the water temperature is 24 ~ 28℃, take root for 15 ~ 20 days, and then plant separately.

Acorus Gramineus

Division propagation method of Acorus Gramineus

Time of plant division: As for the propagation method of Acorus gramineus, we can choose the method of plant division in addition to sowing and cutting. Due to Acorus gramineus' strong adaptability and high survival rate, the planting time of Acorus gramineus can be divided in four seasons in the warm south. While in the north, it can be divided in all seasons except winter.

Method of plant separation: Remove the potted Acorus gramineus, clear the soil, cut away the 3-5 bushes or individual plants with roots, and then plant them separately. It's then as simple as following the Acorus gramineus method of rearing and curing, and before long you'll have several good-looking pots of Acorus Gramineus.

Generally speaking, it is relatively easy to propagate Acorus gramineus. Both cuttings and sowing seeds can easily survive, but the method most suitable for flower lovers is still the cutting method. Of course, the method is dead, people are alive, you can choose to operate according to the actual situation. As is the propagation method of Acorus Gramineus, hoping to give you some help.