How to grow Saxifraga Stolonifera

Written by Maggie

Nov 21 2020

How to grow Saxifraga Stolonifera

Saxifraga Stolonifera can be grown by mixing leaf rot soil, garden soil and perlite soil. Let the plants be exposed to astigmatism during the breeding process, and do a good job of shading when the light is strong. Saxifraga Stolonifera has a high demand for water, so water the plants as soon as possible, wet the soil every time you water them, and try not to leave any water.

Saxifraga Stolonifera picture

Saxifraga Stolonifera

The Saxifraga Stolonifera method

1. Preparation of soil

Many people don't know what the saxifraga stolonifera farming method is. The first step in breeding Saxifraga Stolonifera is to prepare the soil. Saxifraga Stolonifera prefers to grow in loose, fertile, breathable soil with organic matter. We can mix leaf rot soil, garden soil, and perlite to make the soil, which can be fertilized properly.

2. Get plenty of light

Saxifraga Stolonifera doesn't need much light and prefers to grow in astigmatism. Light in spring and autumn is not strong, at this moment it is better to place the plant in the environment of half shade, ventilated. In summer, the light is stronger, and at this moment it is better to place it  in a cool, ventilated environment. Allow the plants to be exposed to light at appropriate times of the day.

Saxifraga Stolonifera

3. Water in time

Saxifraga Stolonifera likes to grow in a dank environment. The water requirement is higher. When breeding, water the plants in time. Water evaporates quickly in summer, so it's best to water the plants once a day. Water evaporates more slowly in the winter, so you don't need to water the plants too much and keep the soil moist.

4. Fertilize appropriately

Saxifraga Stolonifera is not in high demand for fertilizers. The only thing you need to do is fertilize the plant properly during the growing season. It is usually possible to apply compost and special compound fertilizers to the plants. It is better to dilute the fertilizer with water before applying fertilizer to the plant each time to reduce the fertilizer concentration, so that the plant can absorb fertilizer better and prevent fertilizer damage.

Saxifraga Stolonifera