How to grow Sarracenia

Written by Maggie

Nov 25 2020

How to grow Sarracenia

Sarracenia generally needs a mixture of peat, perlite and water moss as the breeding substrate. Usually it can be placed in the environment of 20 ~ 32℃ growth, but also gives it enough sunlight. Protect it from the sun in summer. In winter, the temperature should be maintained above 5℃, and should be timely watering, keeping the soil moist can be, every half a month applied once n, P, K fertilizer.

Sarracenia picture


1. Select the matrix for Sarracenia

Sarracenia is highly valued for its ornamental value, especially its blossoming flowers. Its roots are more developed.Need to be in loose soil to be able to open a flower, usable peat at ordinary times, perlite, water mosses do matrix according to the ratio of 5:3:2 mix. The bottom of the container can be lined with a mud pot for faster growth.

2. Sarracenia illumination temperature

Sarracenia generally prefers to grow in an environment of 20 ~ 32℃. Usually it needs to give timely enough light in the sun which can grow better. Avoid being exposed to the sun below bright light even in summer, and we need to water it in a cool temperature. The ambient temperature should be maintained above 5℃ in the winter evening. Plastic film can be applied to the plant.

3. Water in time for Sarracenia

Usually Sarracenia needs to keep the soil moist. We need to give basin soil to water in time not only at ordinary times, avoid accumulating water in the basin even. Keep the soil moist as needed. And it's better to increase watering frequency and water quantity when summer, prevent moisture to offer inadequacy.


4. Fertilize properly for Sarracenia

Sarracenia also needs to be fertilized as it grows. Under normal circumstances, nitrogen fertilizer should be applied every half month during the spring growth period, and phosphate potash fertilizer should be applied every half month in the autumn. It should be watered properly after each fertilization, so as to make it grow better.

5. Sow and reproduce of Sarracenia

First you need to prepare good Sarracenia seeds. Clean the seeds with water and dry them. Put them in the refrigerator and keep them in low temperature for about one month to make the seeds germinate new buds. Then plant the seeds in a nonpolluting substrate, keeping the soil moist and waiting for them to germinate.