How to Grow Hoary Stock from Seeds in Pot

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to Grow Hoary Stock from Seeds in Pot

Hoary stock blossoms are very bright and exude a striking fragrance. Many florists hope to have a small Hoary Stock plant in their home. What's important about a small pot plant? Just pick a small pot plant and soil, and be careful not to shine bright light. Just a little watering and a warm environment, and you can grow it very well. Now, let's look at how to grow potted Hoary stock from seeds.

1. Seeds for Potted Hoary Stock  

The planting of potted Hoary stock requires the selection of seeds. The seeds of hoary stock are selected and preserved after the flowers mature. Autumn is the best time to sow, it is best to choose the kind of full grain seeds planted in the soil, and then cover a thin layer of soil can be.Gather unwanted seeds and store them in a cool, ventilated environment.

2. Flowerpot for Potted Hoary Stock  

Hoary stock seeds are small and do not grow well in large pots. So when we choose violet pots, we need to choose pots according to the variety of flowers. When growing potted Hoary stock, pots with an average diameter of about 25 centimeters are very good. But not too big to make the plant too small, and not too small to hinder Hoary Stock's growth.

3. Soil for Potted Hoary Stock 

Hoary Stock prefers alkaline soil, and loose and fertile sandy soil with good drainage is very conducive to the growth of Hoary Stock. When growing potted Hoary stock, mix leaf rot soil and peat soil with loose sandy soil in a ratio of 4:4:2. After applying base fertilizer to the bottom of the pot, mixing the soil into it, planting seeds on top and adding a layer of soil can help Hoary Stock grow to the maximum extent.

4. Potted Hoary Stock Watering

When growing Hoary stock, Hoary stock should not be watered too much. Do not leave water in the pot soil, as it will rot or flood the Hoary stock to death. Summer watering the most frequently, 3 ~ 4 days water, but also timely spray to the leaves to maintain humidity; Winter watering 1 times a week to prevent cold;In spring and autumn, it is best to water once every 5 ~ 6 days. Pay attention to when watering must avoid pouring to the leaf above, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of leaf rot.

5. Potted Hoary Stock Lighting 

As for growing Hoary Stock in pots, light is very strict. It is best to live in astigmatism, sunlight will not be too big, but sometimes very abundant. The spring and autumn can often bask in the sun;In the winter, try to be in the sun all day long. In summer, because the sun is too hot and dry, it should be placed in a cool environment to avoid direct sunlight on the petals.

6. Potted Hoary Stock Temperature

The temperature for growing potted Hoary Stock must be strictly controlled, preferably between 18 ℃ and 25℃. Hoary stock is a delicate flower, which can be affected in summer when temperatures exceed 28 ° C and can cause its flowers to wilt. When the temperature is below 12℃ in winter, it is necessary to take appropriate warm measures.

7. Potted Hoary Stock Fertilizer

According to Hoary Stock, frequent application of light fertilizer is the best maintenance method, and it is best to apply light fertilizer every 7 to 10 days during the spring growing season. When growing potted Hoary stock, fertilizer is best to choose compound fertilizer or contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. And the need to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer after the first bloom to make the petals colorful, the flowers will be bigger and bigger, more and more.

grow potted Hoary stock from seeds

Hoary Stock Propagation

Hoary Stock Propagation from Seed

Sowing, the most common of Hoary Stock's breeding methods, can be done in autumn. Place the seeds on top of the soil, cover with a thin layer of soil, douse the soil thoroughly and place in a cool, ventilated environment. Just replenish the water and keep the soil dry, and in half a month, the Hoary stock will take root and germinate.

Hoary Stock Propagation from Cutting

Many people choose to propagate by cutting Hoary stock, but its survival rate is far inferior to that by sowing. Cuttage propagation is selected in the spring growth period. Cut the branch bud of a robust Hoary stock flower, and put it vertically in the soil of the flower pot of Hoary stock. After watering and moistening the soil, put it in a cool place, and root will basically take place around 15 days.

Hoary stock Pests Control


What Hoary Stock is most afraid of is aphid disease. These aphids will hide in the leaves, tender buds and buds of Hoary Stock. They will suck the juice from the plant, making the leaves of the plant wrinkle, or even fall off, and even cause the plant death. Oxidation Le with 1000:1 water after the dilution of spraying can be treated in addition to insect pests, or dichlorvos with 1000:1 water dilution after spraying, insecticide effect is also very good.

Leaf spot

If Hoary stock is improperly bred for a long time and placed in a humid environment with poor ventilation, leaf spots will appear. At this time to first transplant to an astigmatism ventilated and dry environment, and then use carbendazim WP 300:1 water for dilution, 1 month after you can treat the leaf spot.

grow potted Hoary stock from seeds