How to grow Philodendron congo

Written by Maggie

Dec 15 2020

How to grow Philodendron congo

When growing your Philodendron'con-go', choose the sandy soil of humus.Watering Until the soil is wet. Sunlight is dominated by bright astigmatism.The temperature is better to be controlled around 20 degrees. In addition, yellow and dead leaf branches should be pruned regularly, and nitrogen fertilizer should be applied during the growing period.


Growing Methods of Philodendron'con-go'

1. Soil: Most potted plants have low requirements on soil, and Philodendron'con-go' does the same. The soil requirements can be divided into three parts: one is rich in humus, two is well-drained, and the third is sandy soil.We can grow Philodendron'con-go' by mixing peat with perlite and so on in proportion to make basin-clay.

2. Watering: Philodendron'con-go' needs a lot of water, so in the process of farming, we need to water Philodendron'con-go' regularly, especially in the hot summer, we need to water every day, watering time in the morning or evening.But there is a point to pay attention to, while keeping the basin soil moist, not water.

3. Sunshine: Philodendron'con-go' is not in great demand for sunshine and belongs to plants that do not like sunshine very much, so when growing Philodendron'con-go', we'd better place it in bright astigmatism, especially in summer.

4. Temperature: The optimal growth temperature of Philodendron'con-go' is around 20 degrees, so the daily temperature cannot be much higher than or lower than this range, especially in summer and winter. So we have to take measures to cool down in summer, and take measures to keep warm in winter.


Matters needing Attention when growing Philodendron'con-go'

1. Prune: To keep Philodendron'con-go' long, we need to prune it regularly. After breeding for a period of time, we need to prune away the withered and yellow leaves so as to effectively retain the nutrients.

2. Fertilize: To keep Philodendron'con-go' growing better, add some lean fertilizer or nitrogen to it during the growing season.