How to Grow & Care for Nepenthes rajah

Written by Maggie

Aug 31 2021

How to Grow & Care for Nepenthes rajah

The cultivation of Nepenthes Rajah involves the use of loose and fertile humus or peat soil, which provides sufficient but not intense light. Especially in the summer when shade is needed, watering should not be too much. During the growing period, water should be sprayed 4 ~ 5 times a day to make the air moist and the soil dry. The suitable growth temperature of Nepenthes Rajah is 21 ~ 30℃. Winter dormancy occurs when the temperature is lower than 15℃.

Nepenthes Rajah

1. Nepenthes Rajah Soil Care

When growing Nepenthes Rajah, the cultivator should use loose and fertile soil, preferably leaf rot or peat soil, with water moss and bark added. Nepenthes Rajah's pot will be hung up and it is better to choose a hanging basket for planting.

2. Nepenthes Rajah Light Care

Nepenthes Rajah is generally attached to tree trunks or rock walls for shading purposes. Therefore, when the light is too strong, you must shade well, but you should not keep it in a dark place, otherwise it will affect the growth of pitcher plants, and the color of the plants will be dim.

Nepenthes Rajah

3. Nepenthes Rajah Water Care

Nepenthes Rajah does not like the soil to be too wet, but it requires a high humidity environment for its growth. Therefore, watering should be done in a watering pot and sprayed all the nepenthes rajah plant, especially during the growing season, four to five times a day. There may be water in the cage, but no more than a third.

4. Nepenthes Rajah Temperature Care

Nepenthes Rajah is a tropical plant that prefers high temperatures and humidity but is not resistant to cold. It should be kept at a growth temperature of 21 ~ 30℃. Nepenthes Rajah stops growing and enters a dormant period when the temperature falls below 15℃. Enter dormant period should be put in indoor curing, and ensure room temperature in the 10℃ above.

Nepenthes Rajah