How to grow Nageia nagi

Written by Maggie

Aug 24 2021

How to grow Nageia nagi

When growing Nageia nagi, use loose fertile acidic sandy soil, and the flowerpot should choose a large, deep basin. Give priority to water in order to keep the soil moist, avoid waterlogging. Apply scattered light, and avoid bright light point-blank. During growth, control the temperature between 18 ~ 26 ℃, and can not less than 7 °C.Apply twice a fertilizer in the growing season. At the rest of the time, don't fertilize.

Nageia nagi

Growing Methods of Nageia nagi

1, Soil for growing Nageia nagi

Nageia Nagi has a high requirement for soil, which needs to use loose, breathable, well-drained, and micro-acidic sandy soil rich in organic matter. It is recommended to mix sand, peat and leaf mould in a ratio of 1:1:1, and use large and deep basins for flower pots. nageia requires a deeper soil layer.

2, Water for growing Nageia nagi

Nageia Nagi likes a relatively wet growing environment, usually to ensure adequate water supply, when the temperature is too high can be watered in the morning and evening every day, to keep the soil moist as far as possible, but there should be no excessive water phenomenon, so as to avoid root rot.

3, Light for growing Nageia nagi

Nageia Nagi doesn't like too strong light, but generally scattered light is enough. As for how to nourish Nageia, it is only necessary to put it in a position with sufficient scattered light. It cannot be directly under strong light, otherwise it is easy to burn the leaves and cause the phenomenon of yellow leaves.

4, Temperature for growing Nageia nagi

Nageia Nagi likes a relatively warm growth environment and is not resistant to high temperature or cold. The most suitable growth temperature is between 18 ℃ and 26℃. When the temperature is higher than 30℃, water spraying can be used to cool the leaf surface.

Nageia nagi

5, Fertilization for growing Nageia nagi

Nageia Nagi does not have a high demand for fertilizers. Generally, it only needs to apply a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer in the growing season to make its branches and leaves more luxuriant. In the rest of the time, no fertilization is needed, so the nutrients in the cultivated soil are enough.

Matters needing attention for growing Nageia nagi

1. Potted nageia nagi generally does not need to be fertilized, but in order to ensure its leaf color is dark green, in the growth season of cypress only need to apply 2-3 times of alum fertilizer water.

2. In winter, Nageia nagi will enter into dormancy or semi-dormancy state. At this time, thin branches, diseases and insects, overdense branches and dead branches can be cut off, which not only maintains the beautiful plant type, but also prevents the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

3. In the spring of each year, the Nageia nagi can be replaced with a pot. The pot soil is suitable for the mixture of leaf rot soil, peat soil, garden soil and sand soil. In winter, place the bamboo and cypress in the place with bright light indoors, control watering at the same time, and keep the temperature no less than 0℃ to survive the winter safely.

Nageia nagi