How to grow Mentha citrata

Written by Maggie

Nov 23 2020

How to grow Mentha citrata

Mentha Citrata can be planted by sowing in the spring with loose, fertile, breathable and well-drained soil. Mentha Citrata needs to be stabilized at a temperature between 20 and 30 degrees during curing, and given sufficient light, moisture and fertilizer. In the winter, Mentha Citrata stops growing and we need to control water and fertilizer.

Mentha Citrata picture

Mentha Citrata

1. Soil for Mentha Citrata

Mentha Citrata is beautiful in appearance and green in color, making it highly ornamental. mentha citrata is generally suitable for planting in the spring and can be grown with loose, fertile, breathable and well drained culture soils or a mixture of peat, pastoral and river sands.

2. Temperature for Mentha Citrata

Mentha Citrata is warm and grows well in a warm, humid and well-ventilated climate.The temperature suitable for Mentha Citrata's growth is between 20 and 30 degrees, and the winter temperature is above 0 degrees. Mentha Citrata is resistant to the cold but needs to be moved indoors to a warmer location before winter sets in to help Mentha Citrata grow in the coming year.

Mentha Citrata

3. Illumination for Mentha Citrata

Mentha Citrata likes light and needs to be given adequate light during its growth, which can be moved to a well-lit outdoor location for maintenance. During summer, the temperature is higher and the light is too strong, so the midday light needs to be avoided. In the morning or afternoon, when the light is low, Mentha Citrata can be moved outside to get more light to allow it to grow.

4, water

Mentha Citrata is a wet-loving plant that grows in humid climates and has enough water to make its leaves look better.They need to be watered properly during their growth, keeping the soil moist. In summer, when the temperature is high and evaporation is high, you need to increase the amount of water. You can spray water around the stems and leaves of Mentha Citrata to cool down and humidify the pot.

Mentha Citrata