How to grow Melissa Officinalis

Written by Maggie

Nov 26 2020

How to grow Melissa Officinalis

When raising Melissa Officinalis, the temperature should be controlled around 10 ~ 20℃ during the growing season, but the plants should be moved into the semi-shade during the hot summer months. Apply a thin compound solution once a month. Pruning should also be done several times according to growth to promote healthy growth of the plant.

Melissa Officinalis picture

Melissa Officinalis

Farming methods of Melissa Officinalis

1. Environmental management

Melissa Officinalis is strong by nature and has a strong shade tolerance. During curing at ordinary times, plants can be put on the balcony that faces the sun best, control temperature even in 10 ~ 20℃ or so. When the temperature is higher than 30℃ in summer, the plants should be placed in the shade and sprayed with water to cool down. When the temperature is lower than 0℃ in winter, the plants should be moved into the room for curing.

2. Water and fertilizer management

Melissa Officinalis likes to grow in a humid environment.In the growth period if the leaf hair behavior is timely poured into water. In the summer it can appropriately water more. In spring watering should keep the basin soil moist. Before it comes into the winter, apply antifreeze water. Apply a thin solution of compound fertilizer once a month.

3. Pruning

Pruning is one of Melissa Officinalis farming methods and cautions. Melissa Officinalis grows quickly and needs to be pruned multiple times during the growing season. Mainly in the higher branches, cut the new leaves, but also the pruning treatment should be in accordance with its growth. Also cut off dead and diseased branches, but keep them as little as possible during the winter months.

Melissa Officinalis

Notes for farming Melissa Officinalis

1. Water management

Melissa Officinalis is sensitive to water, and the water poured into it is best to wash rice water, which can effectively promote the normal growth of roots. Avoid direct use of tap water to avoid root rot. Make sure the water is at the same temperature during the summer and winter holidays.

2. Pay attention to ventilation

Melissa Officinalis grows well in well-ventilated climates. If indoor daylighting is very good, we can put it in a place that has sunshine illuminate, maintain normal ventilation. Even in the winter time we should also pay attention to ventilation, so as not to breed diseases and insects.

Melissa Officinalis