How to grow Gastrodia elata

Written by Maggie

Nov 26 2020

How to grow Gastrodia elata

For the planting of Gastrodia Elata, firstly soak seeds in water for 6 hours, and then add 10 ~ 50 times liquid of new lipid membrane for even stirring. Then a 35-centimeter hole was dug in the sandy soil. Place the wood and denser fungus sticks on the bottom of the hole. Finally, sprinkle the seeds into the soil covering about 15 centimeters.

Gastrodia Elata picture

Gastrodia Elata

1. Seed treatment of Gastrodia Elata

Put the seeds in water for 6 hours to soak in Gastrodia Elata, so that the seeds can absorb enough water, which can shorten the period of dormancy. At the same time, the dry seeds were selected and discarded, and the good seeds were added to the new high lipid membrane 10 ~ 50 times liquid for sowing, so as to prevent the invasion of the virus.

2. Breeding ground of Gastrodia Elata

Breeding ground is the key of gastrodia elata planting method. It is better to choose sandy soil or humus soil for planting Gastrodia elata, whose drainage capacity and nutrients are relatively high, which is more conducive to the growth of Gastrodia elata. The beds were then cultivated with decayed hardwood trees, and a 35-centimeter hole was dug in about three days and a layer of decayed hardwood trees was laid at the bottom.

Gastrodia Elata

3. Sow and cultivate seedlings of Gastrodia Elata

Before sowing Gastrodia Elata, it is necessary to put wood of appropriate length and size into the bottom of the pit. About 8 pieces of wood should be placed in each hole .Do not clingy between lumber had better be to keep a distance of about 8 centimeters. Place some dendrite branches at the joint on both sides of the wood, and then sprinkle the seeds of gastrodia elata on the wood and dendrite branches.Then cover the top with 15 centimeters of soil.

4. Post-planting management of Gastrodia Elata

Unlike other crops, Gastrodia Elata doesn't need to be treated with fertilizer. Instead, it only needs to pour some water to make the soil moisture content about 40%. It can be sprayed with an appropriate amount of root daling solution in the early stage, which can make the root become more swollen and promote the growth of the root. At the beginning of the winter, a layer of leaves can be covered to keep warm.

Gastrodia Elata