Gastrodia Elata profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 26 2020

Gastrodia Elata profile

Gastrodia Elata has the effect of relieving wind and spasmolysis, calming liver, dispelling wind and clearing collateral. Indications include liver internal movement, convulsive convulsion, dizziness, headache, numbness of limbs, paralysis of limbs, rheumatism pain, etc.

Gastrodia Elata picture

Gastrodia Elata

Morphological characteristics of Gastrodia Elata

Gastrodia Elata is a perennial parasitic herb with a height of 60-100cm. The whole plant does not contain chlorophyll. The tuberis hypertrophy, fleshy oblong, ca. 10cm long, 3 -- 4.5cm in diameter, with less obvious links.Stem cylindrical, yellow - red. Leaves are scaly, membranous, 1-2cm long, veined, proximally short sheath clasped. Racemes are terminal, 10-30cm long, yellow-red. Pedicels are short, 2-3mm long. Bracts are membranous, narrowly lanceolate or linear-elliptic, ca. 1cm long. Perianth tube is a crooked ampulla, mouth oblique, base lower side slightly expanded, apex 5-lobed, lobes small, triangular. Labellum is 2/3 higher than perianth tube, with 3 lobes, central lobe larger, base in perianth tube short-stalked. The stamen column length is 5-6mm, apex with 2 small appendages. The ovary is obovate, the ovary stripe twisted. The capsule is oblong to oblong-obovate, ca. 15mm long, with short pedicel. The seeds are numerous, fine and dust-like. Flowering period is June - July, fruit period July - August.

Gastrodia Elata distributed in the area

Gastrodia Elata is distributed in Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Shaanxi, Gansu, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Xizang and so on.Now more artificial cultivation.

Gastrodia Elata

Gastrodia Elata growing environment

Gastrodia Elata was born in the dank and humid forest with thick humus at an elevation of 1200 -- 1800m.

Gastrodia Elata growth habit

Gastrodia Elata likes cool, humid environments, afraid of cold, drought, high temperature, and water. gastrodia elata has no roots and no green leaves. In the whole 2-year life cycle from seed to seed, except for the sexual period of about 70d on the surface, gastrodia elata lurks in the soil as tubers all year round. Gastrodia Elata has a special nutritional way, especially from the invasion of the body to obtain nutrition, growth and development of armillaria. It is advisable to cultivate sandy loam with rich humus, loose and fertile soil ph 5.5-6.0 and good drainage.

Gastrodia Elata preclinical function

Gastrodia Elata: relieving wind and spasmolysis, pacifying Liver, dispelling wind and relieving collateral.

Gastrodia Elata