How to grow and care for Weeping fig

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

How to grow and care for Weeping fig

Weeping figs are evergreen, with soft branches, and they're very popular indoor leaf-bearing plants these days. It is well adapted to the environment and it has a high purification ability, so it is suitable for indoor planting. The following we'll make up for you to introduce how to grow and care for Weeping fig. 

Weeping fig

How to grow Weeping fig

Best growing soil: Weeping fig, with good fertility and drainage.They're more likely to grow in an acidic mixture of humus, either a mixture of composting and peat of the same proportions, with a little more base, or a mixture of 1/2 orchard and 1/2 leaf mould plus a little more grain of sand.

Growth humidity requirements: Weeping fig prefers an environment with high humidity, avoiding drying. In the summer growth period, it should be frequent watering moisture, to the leaf surface and air frequent water spraying, let the weeping fig grow better, increase the gloss of leaves. In winter to prevent root rot, water again until dry.

The best growth temperature: Although Weeping fig has a certain cold-resistance ability, the overwintering temperature should not be lower than 5℃, the suitable growth temperature is 15 -- 30℃.

Best growth illumination: weeping figs generally should be placed in bright places, but should avoid strong light directly, especially flower and leaf varieties most avoid sunlight exposure. In the absence of sunshine, internode elongation, leaf droops soft, weak growth;In the sun, the flesh thickens and becomes shiny.

Weeping fig

How to care for Weeping fig

Fertilizer: bobbin soil on spirits may use a mixture of humus rich soil, such as compost mixed with an equal amount of peat soil, and applied some base fertilizer as bottom fertilizer. In the growing season, liquid fertilizer can be applied every 2 weeks, with nitrogen fertilizer as the main fertilizer and some potassium fertilizer as appropriate.

Watering points: In the Weeping fig growth period, it should be frequently watered, keep moist state, and often spray water to the leaf surface and surrounding space, in order to promote plant growth, improve leaf luster. In winter basin soil is too wet, easily rotten roots, to be watered when the basin dry.

Pruning main points: Weeping figs can be pruned in various models, easy to transplant.

Replacement of bobbing soil: the choice of bobbing soil and basins on Weeping fig.The size of the pot varies according to the size of the plant. In order to form a good tree, each pot can be planted with 3 seedlings. General small pot appropriate change basins in April every year, large pots can be 2-3 years change basins, in order to supplement the growth of nutrients needed.

Propagation points: the method of propagation of Weeping fig is the cuttage method.

Cuttage propagation is generally appropriate in late spring and early summer (4 ~ 6 months), choose robust mature branches, intercept 10 ~ 15cm top shoots as cuttings, leaving 2 ~ 3 leaves above, remove the leaves below .If there is juice flowing out of the cutting mouth, you can wash it with warm water or dip it in grass ash, or you can bake it to make the cutting mouth coagle. Inserted into the river sand or stone frog slotting machine, such as cutting, where half shade, the temperature control in 24 ~ 26 ℃, increases humidity. After a month later, it will take root, and then the bowl to a cool place, such as Weeping fig to 20 ~ 30 cm long can be in sunny places or outdoor growing.

Disease and insect control: They are prone to leaf spot and black mildew, and they can be sprayed with 50 {bf} carbazine wettable powder 600 ~ 1000 times liquid or 70 {bf} mancozeb wettable powder 400 ~ 600 times liquid. On the pest side, it is more susceptible to the damage of scale insects and red spiders on spirits, it can be controlled by spraying 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid of 40 {bf} triclosan alcohol emulsion or 1000 times liquid of 40 {bf} oxydimethoate emulsion.

Any of various tropical or subtropical plants which are spirits resistant to wind and moisture, absorbing atmospheric pollution and cleaning the air. Weeping fig is a very effective air purifier, prefers high temperature and wet climate, humidity resistance, poor resistance, pruning resistance, avoid low temperature dry environment; Weeping fig is not too strict with the light; The suitable temperature for growth and development is 23-32 ℃, with strong cold resistance and short 0℃ low temperature resistance. It belongs to the neutral plant, suitable for planting in the half shade. It needs to be maintained with sufficient moisture to keep the soil moist. 

Weeping fig