How to grow and care for harland boxwood

Written by Maggie

Feb 01 2021

How to grow and care for harland boxwood

Harland boxwood is a relatively short shrub. Its leaves are covered with pubescent hairs during the growth process, and then become smooth and hard leathery as they grow. The leaves are more mint-like and smaller. Harland boxwood is now favored in many discourse as a home ornamental. Harland Boxwood doesn't have many treatments, but it's better to learn how to grow your favorite plants. Now, let's look at growing Harland Boxwood care.

Harland Boxwood care

1. Soil care for growing Harland Boxwood

Soil is the foundation of Harland Boxwood's growth and the source of nutrient supply. However, harland boxwood does not require very much soil, so it is not necessary to worry too much about soil quality. Generally speaking, when we grow and care for Harland Boxwood, the quality of a material is soft and fertile soil. Soil selection with sandy loam as the best, pot can eat vermiculite, peat or sand with mixed production.

2. Illumination care for growing Harland Boxwood

For the light category, Harland Boxwood loves light and sun, and plants will grow well on balconies or outside. Although you endure to live in a cool environment, do not bask in the sun for a long time, even if the leaves grow green, branches will be too soft without aesthetic feeling. When we grow and care for Harland Boxwood, avoid direct sunlight in the summer, autumn can be full of light to the leaves to turn red. Sunshine in the morning and shade in the afternoon, air circulation, rain and dew nature is the best growth environment.

3. Temperature and humidity care for growing Harland Boxwood

There is no temperature requirement, the highest 40 degrees, the lowest 20 degrees can survive, so the temperature does not have much effect on them. Neither the heat of the sun in summer nor the biting wind in winter will kill the plants. When we grow and care for Harland Boxwood, humidity should always be kept moist, whether it is the moisture of the pot soil or the leaves need to be significantly moist.

Harland Boxwood care

4. Water care for growing Harland Boxwood

Since we want to moisturize, we need more water. Summer high temperature in addition to the time outside the sun, morning and evening to water, other seasons once a day to feed. When we grow and care for Harland Boxwood, if you are worried that too much watering will cause waterlogging in the basin soil, then you can use a humidifier or spray can to spray the water into water mist on the leaves of the plant, which can also play the role of wet and feeding water.

5. Fertilization care for growing Harland Boxwood

Harland Boxwood grows slowly, so the need for fertilizer is not obvious. The general spring applies one to two fertilizer, autumn applies fertilizer. Flower farmers have a formula to share with you "spring fertilizer to accelerate the bud, summer fertilizer to strengthen the leaves, heat resistance fertilizer in summer, winter heat preservation fertilizer." When we grow and care for Harland Boxwood, when encountering the rainy season or pot soil moisture in more situations, we can add fertilizer as appropriate, poor growth of the plant more to supplement the fertilizer.

Harland Boxwood care