How to Grow and Care for Echinopsis Tubiflora

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

How to Grow and Care for Echinopsis Tubiflora

Before growing Echinopsis Tubiflora, old and weak roots should be pruned and a strong root should be kept. The nutritive soil is prepared by mixing 1 part sandy soil, 2 parts sapric soil and 1 part perlite. When planting, all roots of Echinopsis Tubiflora should be buried in the soil. After planting for half a month, water Echinopsis Tubiflora with the principle of watering thoroughly, and maintain Echinopsis Tubiflora under the sun.

Echinopsis Tubiflora

How to grow Echinopsis Tubiflora

1. Clean Echinopsis Tubiflora the root

When growing Echinopsis Tubiflora, the roots of echinopsis tubiflora should be pruned in advance, the old and weak roots should be pruned, and a strong root should be retained. In this way, the roots of Echinopsis tubiflora should be scattered, which can absorb nutrients and water from the soil in an all-round way and enable the plants to adapt to the new environment faster.

2. Soil for Echinopsis Tubiflora 

In the planting method of Echinopsis Tubiflora, breathable and fertile soil should also be prepared. One part of silt, two parts of saprolite and one part of perlite can be prepared and mixed together.Appropriate water-soluble fertilizers are added to the soil to meet the nutrients in the growth of Echinopsis Tubiflora.

3. How to grow Echinopsis Tubiflora

Place the manicured Echinopsis Tubiflora in the soil. All the roots of Echinopsis Tubiflora should be buried in the soil. Cover the soil with fine sand once, which can effectively ensure that the soil temperature is in a constant state. Echinopsis Tubiflora is a desert plant, so it doesn't need a lot of watering after planting.

Echinopsis Tubiflora

Care for Echinopsis Tubiflora

Echinopsis Tubiflora likes to grow in a barren environment with little water, so water Echinopsis Tubiflora half a month after planting. Water thoroughly, so that the roots of Echinopsis Tubiflora can also absorb water. Echinopsis Tubiflora does not need to be fertilized, but should be placed where there is light. Echinopsis Tubiflora can withstand the high temperature in summer, and in winter it needs to be kept indoors for maintenance.

1. Change basins every year for Echinopsis Tubiflora

In the breeding methods and precautions of Echinopsis Tubiflora, it is necessary to change the Tubiflora once a year. Do not water the Tubiflora for three days before changing the basin to let the soil dry, and then spray and trim the rotten roots. After drying in the ventilated place for two to three days, it is only necessary to replant it for maintenance.

2. Avoid stab wounds of Echinopsis Tubiflora

The leaves of Echinopsis Tubiflora are tiny needle-shaped spines, so it is important to avoid touching them to avoid stabbing them. If you have small children in your home, you need to keep Echinopsis Tubiflora out of reach to prevent them from touching it and hurting themselves.

Echinopsis Tubiflora