Aeonium Lily Pad Plant Care & Growing Guide

Written by Maggie

Oct 14 2021

Aeonium Lily Pad Plant Care & Growing Guide

When growing and caring for Aeonium Lily Pad, loose and fertile soil should be selected to ensure soil breathability. Water the Aeonium Lily Pad thoroughly every time to avoid water accumulation and root rot. Ensure adequate sun exposure every day, and properly shade the Aeonium Lily Pad in summer. Control the temperature between 20 ℃ and 30℃, and move it to the indoor curing in winter.

Aeonium LilyPad

Aeonium Lily Pad Soil Care 

Aeonium Lily Pad likes loose and fertile soil to ensure soil permeability. Silt and stone can be added. Tilling is often given to aeonium lilypad to effectively promote root absorption. When we grow and care for Aeonium LilyPad, apply organic fertilizer liquid once every half month to make adequate nutrient supplement. In the rainy season, do a good job in soil drainage.

Aeonium Lily Pad Watering

Aeonium Lily Pad is watertight and leaves have good water locking ability. As summer temperatures rise, water the soil once a day to keep it moist. When we grow and care for Aeonium LilyPad, water thoroughly every time to avoid the accumulation of water and root rot. Do not infuse Aeonium LilyPad leaves with water, or a rotten heart will occur.

Aeonium LilyPad

Aeonium Lily Pad Lighting Requirements

Sufficient light can promote continuous growth of Aeonium Lily Pad. Maintain it in a well-ventilated and bright place to ensure more than 6 hours of sunlight every day, so that the leaves continue to carry out adequate photosynthesis. When we grow and care for Aeonium LilyPad in summer, the light is strong, which requires timely and appropriate shade protection. Strong light will cause sunburn on the leaves.

Aeonium Lily Pad Temperature Care

The appropriate growth temperature of aeonium lily pad was between 20 ℃ and 30℃, which was conducive to the continuous growth of Aeonium Lily Pad. When the environment is dry, you can spray water in the air and on the surface of the leaves to cool down and moisturize them. When we grow and care for Aeonium LilyPad in winter, when the temperature drops, Aeonium LilyPad should be moved to the room for curing to avoid frostbite of the leaves caused by low temperature.

Aeonium Lily Pad Autumn Care

Now, the temperature is dropping day by day, and the temperature in some areas is below 30℃. Such a temperature is suitable for outdoor cultivation. When we grow and care for Aeonium LilyPad, we can put Aeonium Lilypad potted plant outside to grow in the open air.

Putting the Aeonium Lily Pad in the open air is very helpful for coloration of the Aeypad LilyPad. Especially when the temperature difference between day and night is very large, it can effectively accelerate the speed of coloring.

But at the beginning, Aeonium Lilypad needs to adapt to the environment step by step.

Aeonium LilyPad

Aeonium Lily Pad Propagation

Aeonium Lily Pad can be propagated with leaves. As it is a genus of lotus, leaf transplanting is not easy. It can be successfully planted in spring and autumn growing season. In addition, Aeonium LilyPad has more lateral buds, which can also be inserted into branches, and lily and jasmine can take root for at least a week.