Echinopsis Tubiflora Care Tips

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

Echinopsis Tubiflora Care Tips

Echinopsis Tubiflora is native to South America and generally grows in the desert. It likes dry, tolerant to drought. The main growing season of Echinopsis Tubiflora is summer, which is also its peak bloom period. So how to care for Echinopsis Tubiflora? The following are some Echinopsis Tubiflora care tips.

Echinopsis Tubiflora

Echinopsis Tubiflora Watering

  • Watering care: do not water more, do not make the basin soil too wet, but should be dry rather than wet.
  • How to water newly planted Echinopsis Tubiflora: To avoid root rot, don't water newly planted Echinopsis Tubiflora. Just spray it 2-3 times a day and water it a little bit after half a month.
  • Watering time: In summer, watering early in the morning.In winter, watering should be in the sunny weather before noon. In spring and autumn, watering can be early or late.
  • Watering method: Generally do not from the top of the water, otherwise a long time on the ball will have ugly spots. Under normal circumstances, watering must irrigate sufficiently, for this must often loosen soil, make basin soil easy and even ground sucks sufficient water. (1) Summer is the growing season of tubiflora in Echinopsis, with high temperature and high water demand. Must be fully watered, appropriate in the morning and evening when the temperature is low, hot at noon, watering easy to cause ball burns. In the high temperature plum rain season. We also need to control water appropriately. For those echinopsis tubiflora with sunken tops, be careful not to pour water into the pits to avoid rotting, especially in the evening. (2) During the winter dormancy should be controlled watering, to keep the basin not too dry soil is appropriate, the lower the temperature, the more to keep the basin dry soil. Adult pellets are more resistant to drought than seedlings. In winter watering should be done on a sunny morning. As the temperature rises, the plants will gradually break out of dormancy, and watering times and quantities will gradually increase.
  • Tip: Proper fertilization can also be done during the growing season for potted Echinopsis Tubiflora, especially for those grafted with three-sided arrows. Fertilizer can be applied every 10 to 15 days using a thin liquid fertilizer that has fully matured. Pay attention to the control of fertilizer and water after autumn, generally once a month, until early October stop fertilizer. If fertilizer is not controlled, let Echinopsis Tubiflora continue to grow, and the tender spheres are vulnerable to freezing over the winter.

Echinopsis Tubiflora

Care for Echinopsis Tubiflora Yellowing 

1. Watering for Echinopsis Tubiflora

Analysis: If Echinopsis Tubiflora is yellow on the surface and oozes mucus, it can check to see if the roots are rotting. If the root is beginning to rot, it should be due to overwatering which causes the root to rot and turn yellow.

Treatment: If the root part is only a small part rotten, you can use a clean sharp blade to cut off the rotten part, and then put the ball in a ventilated and cool place to dry. When the cutting part of the ball is dry and hard, put it in the sand with a little moisture, avoid direct light, do not water, often spray water around the ball. Soon a new sphere will develop.If the rotting part is more than a third of the sphere, it is essentially ruined and must be bought and replanted.

2. Interference during Echinopsis Tubiflora dormancy

Echinopsis Tubiflora also has its growing season. In the summer it grows more vigorously, and in the winter the plant appears dormant. Overwatering at this time also causes yellowing from rotten roots;

Treatment: Stop watering, remove rotten roots, and move Echinopsis Tubiflora to an indoor resting place.

Echinopsis Tubiflora

3. Impact of insect pests

We should also pay attention to Echinopsis Tubiflora pest control. If the pests are serious, Echinopsis Tubiflora will also show symptoms of withered spheres and rot away.

Treatment: Get rid of bugs in a timely manner by spraying them with an insecticide or buying insecticides from a shop that specializes in Echinopsis Tubiflora.

Warm tips for growing Echinopsis Tubiflora:

To care Echinopsis Tubiflora well, it is necessary to pay attention to routine maintenance issues such as watering. Watering should not be done too often. Once a month is enough. So Echinopsis Tubiflora can thrive and produce beautiful flowers. That's the best way to prevent it.