How to grow and care for Chinese Redbud

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

How to grow and care for Chinese Redbud

Chinese Redbud is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Its pattern is very unique, the breeze passed by it, it is like a butterfly dancing with the wind. It is this kind of bright beautiful feeling, make it become the darling of flower friend bound. Many people will grow it in their own homes, alone to appreciate its beauty. Scion requires pure varieties, vigorous growth, choose plants without pests or less pests to the periphery of the sun to enrich the branches, cut off the leaves after the scion collection, and timely grafting. This can be done by grafting in April to May and August to September, and by budding in July. If the weather is dry, one to two days before grafting should be permeable, to improve the survival rate of grafting.

Chinese Redbud

How to grow Chinese Redbud

1. Light

Chinese Redbud is fond of light by nature. Therefore, in addition to avoiding exposure to the scorching sun in summer, sufficient light should be ensured in other seasons. Growing chinese redbud should be done in places that can absorb scattered light to ensure the normal growth of Chinese Redbud.

2. Soil

Chinese Redbud does not have strict requirements on soil, but it has the best growth situation in fertile and well-drained soil.

3. Water

Chinese Redbud likes a wet environment, but does not tolerate flooding. Water immediately after planting, again on the third day, again on the sixth day, and three times more depending on weather conditions to keep the soil moist best, but avoid standing water.

4. Fertilization

Chinese Redbud likes fertilizer. In the case of sufficient fertilizer, the growth will be vigorous and the flowers will be colorful and colorful. In the case of lack of fertilizer, the branches and leaves will be sparse and the flowers will be less pale. Therefore, sufficient base fertilizer should be applied before breeding Chinese Redbud. It is best to use rotten leaf fertilizer, manure or dried chicken manure.

Chinese Redbud

How to care for Chinese Redbud

1. Water more in summer

In summer, the temperature is too high and the water evaporates too fast, so it is necessary to replenish water for Chinese Redbud in time. It is necessary to spray leaves or spray water to the surrounding environment from time to time to maintain air humidity.

2. Prevent water accumulation

Chinese Redbud likes a wet environment, but can't grow in the state of water, so it is necessary to timely drain after rain to avoid excessive water leading to root rot, affecting the normal growth of Chinese Redbud.

3. Timely pruning

Chinese Redbud should be pruned from the seedling to form a good plant type. After transplanting, seedlings can be cut short to promote their overgrowth, expand the area of nutrients, accumulate nutrients, and develop roots. During the growing period, the core was picked, and the seedlings were removed in time after transplanting to strengthen the renewal of flowering branches.

Chinese Redbud