How to grow Acorus gramineus

Written by Maggie

Dec 19 2020

How to grow Acorus gramineus

It is not difficult to keep Acorus gramineus well. First of all, we must master the growth requirements of Acorus gramineus, such as the requirements of pot soil, light, water and ambient temperature. Below are how to grow Acorus gramineus respectively.

Acorus gramineus

1. Acorus gramineus requirements for basin and soil

The potted soil for Acorus gramineus is generally cultivated with a well-drained culture soil.

2. Acorus gramineus lighting requirements

When growing Acorus gramineus in a general home, it is recommended that Acorus gramineus be placed in a medium intensity of light for curing, so as to ensure sufficient light and avoid sunburn.

3. Acorus gramineus watering requirements

Acorus Gramineus needs a lot of water, so water to keep the soil thoroughly soaked, place the pot on a platter with wet pebbles all year round, and spray the plants with water in hotter weather to increase the humidity.

When noticing the decrease of water in Acorus Gramineus, flower lovers should add water in time to keep the water in the basin at a certain depth.

Acorus gramineus

4. Temperature control for growing Acorus gramineus

Acorus gramineus likes warm environments, and Acorus gramineus grows at an appropriate temperature of 20 ~ 25 degrees. Acorus Gramineus is not hardy and stops growing if the temperature is below 10 degrees. The ground is regulated in winter, and the next spring new shoots grow.

Acorus Gramineus generally grows well at room temperature and can tolerate a low temperature of 4 ° C if grown indoors.

5. Fertilization requirements for growing Acorus gramineus

During the Acorus gramineus growth period, we should apply fertilizer once a month. In the early stage, nitrogen should be the main fertilizer, and potash fertilizer should be increased before and after heading and flowering. Fertilize appropriately to use solid fertilizer, and put fertilizer into mud deep 5 cm or so, in order to facilitate the absorption of the root system.

6, Pruning when growing Acorus gramineus

If you find Acorus gramineus leaves withered, remove the dead leaves in time. In addition, pull weeds for Acorus gramineus at ordinary times and clear the dead leaves on the ground before staying through the winter.

Acorus gramineus