How to grow a succulent

Written by Maggie

Feb 02 2021

How to grow a succulent

Now more and more people like succulent plants, because they are easy to grow, and do not need to do more at ordinary times, coupled with more varieties of ornamental stronger, deeply loved by everyone. Today we're going to look at how to easily grow succulents without a pot. (Most of them need to be grown by themselves). Although simple, if you do not pay more attention, most of them are not easy to feed.                                                                                            

1. Prepare tools/raw materials for growing succulent

A flower pot, nutritional soil, succulent plant, water, simple tools,etc..

grow a succulent

2. Pour the nutritional soil for growing succulent

Pour nutrient soil in the flowerpot. At this time we should pay attention that, not too much, not too little, generally about 1cm from the basin mouth. At the same time smoothing the nutritive soil inside the basin.                                                                                      

3. Water the soil for growing succulent

Water the nutrient soil appropriately, less watering, must be less, the surface nutrient soil moist.     

grow a succulent                                                                                                   

4. Dig a small pit in the soil for growing succulent

When growing succulents, dig a small hole in the nutrient soil and insert the succulent roots. If the roots are larger than 4cm, it is recommended to trim the roots before planting, and remember to keep them straight.                                                                          

5. Water the succulent when growing

After planting good do not water immediately, 5 days or so again a small amount of water.

6. Put succulents in the sunny place 

If you want to keep succulents good, also pay attention to the sun. After late watering, put it in a good light and ventilated place, the best place on the south side of the window or balcony. Succulents generally grow at an appropriate temperature of 5-35 °, which can be placed indoors or in an air-conditioned room in winter and summer, but pay attention to ventilation, summer should pay special attention to avoid direct sun exposure, and should pay attention to shading. General succulent plants are not recommended to breed in the open air, easy to rain, resulting in water rot root.

grow a succulent