How to care for Rohdea Japonica

Written by Maggie

Sep 18 2021

How to care for Rohdea Japonica

Everyone likes planting Rohdea Japonica very much, but many people don't know how to care for Rohdea Japonica when its root rot or leaves droop, so we should treat it according to the symptoms. Here we go about some Rohdea Japonica caring tips.

Rohdea Japonica

How to care for Rohdea Japonica root rot

1. Watering

One of the reasons for why Rohdea Japonica root rot is that we water too much. Like many potted plants, rohdea Japonica is very afraid of surrounding water which leads to waterlogging.

2. Fertilization

Another reason is that there is too much fertilizer. Although rohdea japonica needs a lot of nutrients as it grows, excessive fertilization can also lead to root rot. Therefore, we usually do not fertilize Rohdea Japonica too often or in too many measurements. We can apply fertilizer only once a month, so that the plants can absorb the fertilizer adequately. 

3. Diseases and insects control

When growing Rohdea Japonica, the plant is often invaded by pests and diseases, which will directly lead to the occurrence of rotten roots and yellowed leaves. Most of the time, worms gather together on the leaves of plants and use their mouths to puncture the surface cells of plants to feed on the leaves and branches. At the same time, a large number of harmful substances will be excreted, breeding a large number of bacteria, which will further cause more serious damage to the leaves, affecting photosynthesis. 

4. Light

Generally a half wet and humid environment is the most suitable for Rohdea Japonica growth. Be careful not to get too much light around it while it's growing. Strong light will lead to the drying of the soil in the basin, which is only slightly moist. After the soil in the basin becomes dry, the root system of the plant will not have the supply of nutrients and water, which will lead to the occurrence of root rot.

If Rohdea Japonica roots were rooted in water, the plant was taken out of the water, the decayed parts were removed with sharp pieces of wood or bamboo, and then dried in a ventilated and dry place. Soak the root system in a solution containing 0.5% potassium permanganate, soak it for about 10 to 20 minutes, pick it up, wash the root system repeatedly with clean water, then put it in clean water and change the water every one to two days, and then it can be normally managed when it grows new roots.

For potted Rohdea Japonica, carefully remove the plant from the pot, slowly pick out the pot soil around the roots, find the rotten roots, and carefully cut off the rotten roots with scissors. Clean with 0.5% potassium permanganate solution next cut place, perhaps it is to use plant ash to apply above the wound, change afresh again new flowerpot and basin soil undertake planting raises.

Rohdea Japonica

How to care for Rohdea Japonica leaves drooping

Rohdea Japonica is evergreen and elegant.With such good meanings as eternal youth, health and longevity, wealth and good fortune, people place Rohdea Japonica indoors to celebrate the Festival during Spring Festival. Although Rohdea Japonica is tenacious in vitality, it is inevitable to have some problems, such as soft and drooping leaves. Rohdea Japonica leaves are sagging and what to do about it.

Reason analysis: Rohdea Japonica prefers a warm, humid and semi-cloudy environment, avoiding direct glare in summer. The key to maintaining Rohdea Japonica well is to avoid direct glare in the hot summer when the sunshine is intense. Otherwise, it is easy to cause dry, pointed and scorched edges of leaves, or even yellow and dry, and Rohdea Japonica leaves droop, which seriously affects the ornamental effect.

Solution: After going out of a room in early spring, it should be placed under a shaded trellis or eaves or in the shade of a balcony. Take care not to get caught in the rain. Watering in addition to the summer to keep the basin soil moist, the spring and autumn season watering should not be too often, in the winter to control watering.

Rohdea Japonica has a fleshy root, so it is most afraid of stagnant water. If overwatered, the root will rot easily. However, it is necessary to keep the air moist, such as dry air, which is also prone to Rohdea Japonica leaf droop, dry tip and other adverse phenomena.

In the spring and autumn season, apply rotted cake, Japonica, every 3-4 weeks, so as to make Rohdea Japonica grow strong and green. In addition, before and after the beginning of summer, some old leaves on the periphery of the plant should be pruned to help sprout new buds, leaves and sprout flowers.

Rohdea Japonica