Propagation methods of Rohdea japonica

Written by Maggie

Sep 18 2021

Propagation methods of Rohdea japonica

Rohdea Japonica is a kind of green plant suitable for growing in a semi-shade environment, which can beautify the home environment, purify the air and absorb the floating dust in the air. So do you know how to propagate Rohdea japonica? There are three common propagation methods of Rohdea japonica, namely, division propagation, cuttage propagation and seed propagation.  

Rohdea Japonica

Division propagation methods of Rohdea Japonica

Plant division propagation is a very simple propagation method. Generally, it is selected to divide plants each time when the basin is changed. Soil or no soil can be used during plant division, because the cultivation of rohdea japonica is very easy to survive, so soil would be better, and the time for serving the basin would be less.

It is possible to disinfect the wound without disinfection or to use plant ash to disinfect the wound. It is also possible to add nutrients to plant ash. The soil for plant separation cultivation can be directly used garden soil, leaf rot soil, etc., or it can be used leaf rot soil + garden soil, which is conducive to the enhancement of drainage.

After planting in a new pot, water should be poured through for the first time. As Rohdea japonica is relatively easy to grow, we can plant it in any way we want.  As long as the soil culture does not give it water, it will not die.

Rohdea Japonica

Cutting propagation methods of Rohdea Japonica

Rohdea japonica is also a green plant that can be propagated by cutting. It is better to propagate by means of river sand or water. If you don't want to bother, you can directly cultivate with soil in the basin, but it takes a few months for the root to recover.

We can use sand cuttings or hydroponic rooting first and then transplant potted roots for maintenance, so that they can flourish more quickly. The use of river sand needs to choose some coarse river sand, after cutting through water, after dry see wet watering maintenance, about a month can be transplanted to the basin for cultivation.

Water culture root is relatively simple. The use of water culture, after the acquisition of any branches can slightly dry the wound, and then you can cut, every other week thoroughly change the water. Not changing water for a long time will lead to deterioration of water quality, affecting the rooting effect. After taking root, we can continue to water, or transplant to pot.

After a week in the pot, it needs to be kept in a cool place to protect it from direct sunlight. After a week, it can be raised in a well-lit place.

Seed propagation methods of Rohdea Japonica

Sowing Rohdea japonica requires the collection of seeds, which are usually done in April. Sowing requires the preparation of a comfortable, breathable, fertile and well-drained soil. Sow the seeds directly on the surface of the permeable soil, then leave them in a cool place for a month or so before they sprout.

Rohdea Japonica